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A man in his 20's presented to the clinic with a 1 month history of dizziness, imbalance, and a hearing disturbance.
On examination (at about 1 month post onset), there was a low amplitude left-beating spontaneous nystagmus. The one week delay in onset of hearing symptoms suggests that there was progression of the disease process in this case over a week. The unusual aspects are the cochlear enhancement on the MRI, and the one-week delay in onset of hearing symptoms.
This is not usual in either labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis, but might occur due to spread of the infection, or other pathologic mechanisms such as poor circulation to the inner ear. One week later, hearing deteriorated on the right side, accompanied by tinnitus, a headache and ear pain.

While there is a general agreement that MRI is useful to exclude the presence of tumors in persons with unilateral hearing loss, a careful consideration of the cost-benefit ratio in persons with sudden hearing loss (such as is the case in labyrinthitis), to our knowledge, has not been done.
OAE's may be present when the hearing loss is being simulated or exaggerated, or when there is an auditory neuropathy causing the hearing loss. In our practice in Chicago Illinois, we commonly do obtain a 3T MRI with contrast in any person with an unexplained substantial, sensorineural hearing loss. We prefer the higher resolution study (3T) compared to the lower and more usual resolution of 1.5 T, as the cochlea is a very small structure and small changes can be hard to see even on a very good MRI scan.

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