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It may even seem as if the technology has been added to some models simply because it’s become the feature du jour — an impression strengthened by the fact that not all noise canceling is the same. None of the headphones in our showdown — the Klipsch Mode M40 ($350), the Logitech UE 6000 ($200) or the Monster Inspiration ANC ($300), the noise-canceling version of the regular, passive Inspiration model we reviewed last year — exhibits the powerful noise-canceling ability that can almost completely drown out noise, like that of the Bose QuietComfort 15. Rather, the NC in these cans works to sort of take the edge off lower-frequency sounds, and suppress background noise a little. The rounded, retro-futuristic style of the M40s make them look as if they were stolen from the prop department of a Philip K. Unlike the other two, which look like they’re almost entirely made of plastic, the Inspirations incorporate swathes of brushed metal — making them look more elegant and better-built. I liked the generous padding on the headband and square cups of the regular, non-NC Inspirations when I reviewed them last year; the NC version is identical, and just as comfortable. Not surprisingly, with NC turned off, the NC Inspirations sound exactly like their non-NC cousin: somewhat balanced, leaning toward bass but with bright highs and clear mids. With Klipsch’s pedigree, and their higher price, I expected the M40s to sound somewhat better than they did. Noise canceling on the M40 was just about the same, perhaps a little better; helping here were the tight cups, which kept noise both from entering or exiting better than the other two.
The Inspirations are equipped with more powerful NC, and there was a marked lowering of noise with the NC swicthed on and no music playing — enough to squelch background conversations at Starbucks somewhat — good enough to be almost good enough for noisy travel.
As one might expect of the least expensive model in this showdown, the 6000 doesn’t have much in the way of frills — just a neoprene case and an extra cable.
Bear in mind that cables with track and volume controls will work perfectly on Android devices — you just can’t use the volume part. This entry was posted in Apple, apple and tagged 6000, android, apple, apps, chrome, circumaural, g+, gadgets, gmail, google, google analytics, google apps, google docs, google drive, google wallet, Hardware, headphones, igoogle, inspiration, ipad, iphone, iphone 4, iphone 5, Klipsch, logitech, mode m40, monster, music earphones, noise-canceling, over-the-ear, reviews, showdown, ue, zeigeist by Cult of Android. A couple of months earlier, we reviewed the Logitech UE 6000 full-sized, noise-canceling headphones and today, we’ll be looking at its Bluetooth capable sibling, the Logitech UE 9000 ($399). One of the first major differences between the two UE models is the built-in rechargeable battery in the UE 9000. Coming to the sound quality, the UE 9000 sound every bit as awesome as the UE 6000 in wired mode.
As with the UE 6000, I have no problems giving the Logitech UE 9000 my highest recommendation, both for home and travel use. Logitech has just expended its tablet accessories range for the latest Apple tablets — the iPad Air and iPad mini.
Logitech India has announced the G440 Hard gaming mouse pad and G240 Cloth gaming mouse pad. Taking its gaming mouse line up ahead, Logitech India, announced the latest G602 Wireless gaming mouse.
Logitech announced the latest addition to its Z series of multimedia speakers with the Z50, Z150, and Z200.
Logitech, known for its PC peripherals, has announced the latest addition to its fast growing Bluetooth devices range, the M557 mouse. Logitech, the global provider of PC peripherals and other digital platforms, announced the latest addition to its Multimedia Speaker System, Z443. Logitech's newest G-Series Gaming Peripherals aims to please the PC game hungry crowd.
With the popular Steam sale on (till July 22nd), Logitech has refreshed his gaming peripheral lineup with G-Series mice, keyboards, combo's, and headsets.
Logitech recently launched a new line-up of audio products called the 'Ultimate Ears' series, comprising of portable Bluetooth speakers viz. Update (14-Sep-2012): The contest has concluded and the grand prize winner is Soufiane Bouazza from Gujarat. We created the UE 6000 around-ear headphones for people who live for music and who want to be deeply immersed in their favorite tracks – anytime and anywhere.
It certainly seems as if every big player in the audio game has at least one model that features active noise-canceling, usually accompanied by other luxury features — and with a corresponding luxury pricetag. Nor do they sit on the next level down, with NC performance similar to, say, Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC7b (although one here comes close). I’ve had one person tell me the UE 6000s looked good perched on my noggin, and I was approached on two occassions by strangers liking the looks of the Inspirations while I was camped out at the local Starbucks. But the set does get a little irritating after a few hours of listening, as pressure points start to become noticeable.
While the set was initially comfortable, after a few hours pressure from the tight headband had me imagining that perhaps its designers originally set out to fashion a nutcracker.
But what’s surprising here is that the UE 6000s are the least expensive of the bunch, yet they sounded the best — although that statement comes with a caveat, because under certain conditions the Monsters actually sounded best. The sound was clear, but not bright, and squashed — as if all the instruments were crammed into a tight space, and you in there with them. I actually had to sit and listen very carefully, with no music playing, to notice the effect of the NC on the 6000s.
The travel case looks cool and is superbly designed, the ‘phones come with three sets of cables (one with track and volume controls for iDevices, one with just track controls for Android and one without controls). Despite strong similarities with the UE 6000, especially in terms of its sound signature, the UE 9000 is substantially different form UE 6000, both design and feature wise.
While the UE 6000 allows the earpads to fold inward for a rather compact storage, the UE 9000 ear cups rotate flat for storage in the zippered hard case. To operate, you simply slide the power switch on the right earpiece forward and hold until the blue LED blinks rapidly (pairing mode).
The slightly bass-heavy tilt, neutral vocals and well-balanced mids are nearly identical in both headphones.

They are extremely comfortable, are very well built, reasonably portable, sound exceptionally good in wired passive mode and overly impressive in Bluetooth mode as well. These include ultra-thin keyboard cover, ultra-thin keyboard folio and Folio protective case for iPad Air.
Keeping the gamers' individual preferences in mind, Logitech's new mouse pads have been optimised for both high and low DPI gameplay.Logitech G440 is customized for high-DPI gaming, which claims to aid in "hitting high speeds". Logitech G602 boasts of 250 hours of non-stop gameplay on a single charge with its Delta Zero sensor technology that promises accurate cursor control.
Logitech Z series speakers are compatible with multiple audio devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. It is designed to work with all kinds of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including PCs, Macs, and Windows 8 devices, without any additional external receiver. Logitech has quite the line up planned with four keyboards, three mice, two headsets, and one mouse-keyboard combo available from August onwards.The gaming keyboard line up includes Logitech's flagship G19s with LCD panel for critical in-game data, system status, etc at Rs 16,500. Our relentless commitment to honoring music drives us to push the boundaries of audio engineering, wireless connectivity and industrial design. The custom-tuned drivers produce a wide-open sound with remarkable detail, while active noise cancelling technology keeps distractions out. Even manufacturers who’ve only recently begun making cans, like Logitech UE and Klipsch, prominently feature active noise-canceling in their model lineups. The Inspirations also have a unique feature: You can swap out the strip covering the outside of the headband for a different style. But boy did I appreciate that light touch after a few hours of wearing them — no fatigue whatsoever.
Unfortunaltely, all this goes out the window with the NC switched on: bass gets boosted to a level that brutally overpowers the carefully crafted sound present while NC is off.
The Klipsch Mode M40 earns stars for sound, but disappoints almost everywhere else — and it’s the most expensive here.
You don’t get a 2-person sharing headphone jack splitter with the UE 9000, which ships with the UE 6000.
You can easily charge the UE 9000 using the included USB wall charger and the micro-USB cable. The swivel of the UE 9000 headband is an all-metal construction, which also feels sturdier than the UE 6000.
Once the pairing is completed, volume and tracks can be controlled using buttons on the rear of the right earpiece.
When you switch on the on-board noise cancelling circuit, the results are once again extremely pleasing for bassheads. For the iPad mini, you can check out ultra-thin keyboard folio and Folio protective cases.The new Logitech ultra-thin Keyboard Cover sports an aluminium screen cover and doubles as a wireless keyboard.
As gaming has now embraced multi-player rivalry, with the G602, gamers can cut off the cords, clutter, and any sort of interference. With the Logitech Bluetooth Mouse, one can work up to a year without changing the battery.To add to its descent looks, M557 mouse helps you tilt the wheel to the left and right to move back and forth between Web pages, open windows, and apps. To add sophisticated look to living space, its 3" satellite drivers produce crisp sound notes and a balanced midrange and it pumps out rich bass with its 5.25" subwoofer.
While the other three gaming keyboards are G510s, G13, and G105 are a lot more economical at Rs 10,000, Rs 5125, and Rs 3295 respectively.The gaming mouse line up includes the flagship G500s Laser gaming mouse comes with a smooth DPI of 8200 at Rs 6000.
The Mobile Boombox can pair with up to 8 Bluetooth devices and seems to be proud of its manual method of music switching between 2 devices - press pause on one and press play on another.
There are color and texture options, and even national flags, all of which are available from Monster for anywhere from $25-$40. I felt fatigue set in after a while with NC turned on, something that I didn’t feel with it off.
Also, the UE 6000 come with a smaller soft carrying case, while the UE 9000 come with a large, hard case that would take slightly more space to fit in your backpack.
What’s great about having a built-in rechargeable battery here is that if you carry a backup battery pack like the Just Mobile Gum Max Duo™ while you travel, you can always use it to charge your headphones on-the-go. The ear padding on the the UE 9000 is a little sparse, though the headphones feel slightly heavier overall.
The keyboard is rechargeable through a micro-USB cable and be up and running for up to three months on full charge.The Logitech ultra-thin Keyboard Folio offers a thin and light typing experience, with front and back protection for your iPad. The mouse comes with upgraded primary mechanical switches, rated at 20 million clicks lifespan.The Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse is available in India for Rs 6500. Logitech Z50 multimedia speaker with 5W RMS power is available in three colours — pink, grey and blue. The company has designed the mouse to enable fast and simple switch between the Windows desktop and apps.
The UMAX may not win any audiophile awards but can actually deliver more than decent quality for the price. The speakers come with power-packed wooden enclosures that dampen unwanted vibration for warmer sound, and a good acoustic experience. And with all our products, the unique UE Sound Signature delivers rich, clear audio that’s perfectly tuned. The signature electric-blue accents, typical throughout UE’s entire new lineup, works pretty well here. It’s interesting to note that activating the NC on the M40s also increased bass, but with the opposite result to that of the Monsters. And in case you were wondering about the looser earcups, they sealed noise out just fine — though soundleak out of the cups was the worst of the bunch. Best thing is the UE 9000 is fully functional during charging so your wireless Bluetooth listening will continue uninterrupted. A small status LED on the UE 9000 glows green when batteries are charged, and red when batteries are low.

The removable 3-button cable attaches to the right earpiece and has black accents on UE 9000, while it was all blue for UE 6000.
The sound quality is almost exactly the same as in wired more with active noise cancelling, though wired passive mode sound quality is superior for obvious reasons.
The surface of the Logitech G440 complements the full line of Logitech G mouse sensors to make great accuracy.Logitech G240 Cloth gaming mouse pad has been specifically customised to give gamers just the right amount of friction to keep the mouse moving at the right speed.
There is no need to recharge these speakers thanks to its AC power adapter, and gives you freedom to move around because it is portable and compact.The Z150 on the other hand packs in 3W of RMS.
Logitech Bluetooth Mouse maximises your navigation and is fully customisable.The Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse is available in the Indian market for a suggested retail price of Rs 2295. The volume and bass controls are placed right at the front of the subwoofer for easier access. Nonetheless, the UE 9000 sound so much better, and surprisingly so, than any other Bluetooth headphones in non-audiophile grade headphones category. The mouse pad is crafted to complement the full line of Logitech G mouse sensors and mouse moving at the right speed. These multimedia speakers include a handy headphone jack for private listening and are available in white and black colours. Surprisingly, these speakers come with a proper wired remote control with an analogue volume control and a Headphone Jack. Simple, just fill in the details below and you will be eligible to win!Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for review, and was used only once or twice for testing.
The Logitech protective case, keyboard folio, and ultra-thin keyboard cover for iPad Air is priced at around Rs 2500, Rs 6500 and Rs 7000 respectively.
Boasting of features such as heat-treated and black textile surface, the mice sensors pinpoint accuracy and is verified to improve glide consistency and tracking performance.The G440 and G240 mouse pads are available for Rs 2125 and Rs 1595 respectively. The control is simple and convenient with integration of volume and power.Logitech Z200 Multimedia speakers are designed to offer richer sound, deeper bass, with classy contemporary design. The 3" driver controls on the Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z443 give left and right channel satellites, which claim to produce crisp high notes and balanced, natural midrange sounds. UE Boombox can pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices and play music from 3 devices at the same time. The audio adjustment in Z200 is extra convenient with integrated volume and power controls on the front of the speakers. The Z443 comes with 110 watts of peak power.The Logitech Z443 Multimedia Speaker System is available in the Indian market for a retail price of Rs 6000. This 2.1 set is powerful enough to rock a small home party, especially since it comes with a USB port to play music directly off it. An integrated, sculptured aluminum handle makes it easy to roam – from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to a party at a friend’s house or anywhere in between – with uninterrupted music.
These are available in white and black colours.The speakers are available for Rs 1995 (Z50 and Z150), while the Z200 will set you back by Rs 2995. These headphones can be folded up like sunglasses when on the go, and they come with a splitter to make sharing simple. The distinct UE sound signature is claimed to provide pure, undiluted audio with a wide-open soundstage and a level of detail in music. Active noise canceling technology filters out ambient noise for an intuitive listening experience. You can instantly unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time.Trivone Digital Services (TechTree) reserves the right to revise the contest terms if required, without advance notice. These 3" polypropylene-coated woofers have a tight accurate bass with the 1" ferrofluid-cooled silk cone tweeters which easily give clear highs. The front panel features volume, aux input for connecting other sources, and a headphone jack.
31,995): Connects wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth devices, but includes an optional cable that can be folded when users are on the go. If you have eight to nine grand to spend, you cannot ask for anything better.Audio Engine A2Rs 12,000If you truly like good sound without hurting your pocket (too much), there’s nothing better than Audio Engine A2.
The Audioengine A2 features handmade cabinets and speaker drivers built in-house for better cohesion and quality. The device incorporates dual-bore technology to boost sound and enable the user to experience music intuitively.
This provides an amazing strength-to-weight ratio, allowing the speakers to deliver mids and lows with amazing speed and tightness. Its microphone and on-cord controls lets people answer calls with just one touch, change tracks and adjust volume and a second standard cable is also included.Logitech UE 900Commenting on the launch, Mr.
Subrotah Biswas, Director, Logitech India and South West Asia, said, "Artists on stage or people in their living rooms are all united by the music they live for. The 75 watts (RMS) power can easily fill a mid-sized room with sound, while giving plenty of options to connect multiple inputs. On the flip side, it has no remote control, and stereo audio from RCA input is forced to all six speakers. The Z906 have oodles of power at 500-watts (RMS), are THX certified, have a very comprehensively conspicuous control console, and six audio inputs to connect almost everything but the kitchen sink. If you want the best surround sound that is great for movies, games, and music under 25K, you can’t go wrong with this.
The mx1 is made from finest quality components that money can buy, from Wolfson’s WM8740 (117dB) DAC, high quality op-amps (operational amplifiers), 117 dB SNR, and bunch of other things only an audiophile would care about.

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