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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. You might also want to try adjusting the strike plate - can the door jiggle when it's latched? Additionally, the door or the frame may be crooked, so the top or the bottom of the door contacts the frame when its closing. It's a pet peeve because it turns out they are really easy to pry open without leaving marks, as the thieves who hit us when we lived behind one did.
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How do I repair a door jamb that has soft and split wood at the hinge in my 100 year old house?

Where can we store our luggage after checking out so we don't have to book an extra hotel night?
I had the opportunity to watch the two-hour scripted fictional feature The Cannibal in the Jungle on Animal Planet this past Sunday. I received this interesting photo from a reader: Hi Lon- My family and I recently went on a trip to Olympia, WA. Try moving the strike plate so that when the door latches the door is snug against the frame. We thought it's just late development and didn't pay enough attention."When Huang was three, he still wore the clothes of a one-year-old.
In 2005, a zebra gave birth to a zedonk in Barbados, according to the news website, Science Daily.

About two dozen subpoenas were mailed Tuesday to various investigators and law enforcement officials, ordering them to appear for trial Sept.
District Attorney Bobby Bland, who is trying the case for the state, also declined to comment.Over the past several months, Clark said he has grown accustomed to isolation.

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