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When you go into a viewing of a film based on a video game, you pretty much know what to expect before the opening credits even start to roll. Directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor), who has spent most of his career in filmmaking as a stunt coordinator and stunt man, Need for Speed is exactly what one might expect it to be, an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane action film with roaring engines, lots of stunts, and gimmicky video game-inspired graphics, and not much else to recommend it.
The fairly thin plot involves street racer and custom auto shop owner Tobey (Aaron Paul) who finds himself sent to prison for two years after being framed for the death of his partner Little Pete (Harrison Gilbertson) during a street race against his arrogant and rich rival Dino (Dominic Cooper).
On the face of it, the story is silly and does play out like something out of a video game – racing through crowded streets, speeding the wrong way down highways, and, of course, no pedestrians ever get run over. Scott Waugh keeps the action going, and it’s a good thing, because without it, Need for Speed would be a terribly dull film to watch. Need for Speed was shot in high definition on the Arri Alexa M with Cooke S4 lenses, the Arri Alexa Plus with Cooke S4, Angenieux Optimo and Canon EF Cinema lenses, the Black Magic Cinema camera, the Canon EOS C500 with Cooke S4, Angenieux Optimo and Canon EF Cinema lenses, the Canon EOS-1D C with Zeiss ZE and Canon EF Cinema lenses, the Go Pro HD Hero 3 and the View Factor Novo.
Just in case you need a little bit more of the action, these featurettes offer up some behind the scenes looks at the filmmaking process with some interviews, outtakes and more, plus we get a commentary. Need for Speed defies logic and has an awful script, but, then, it is sourced from a video game that was never intended to be a cinematic piece to begin with. Being that I am heavily involved in the Cat Writers’ Association (CWA) and in light of the fact our annual conference will be held at the end of this month, it is not unusual to get a lot of email blasts this time of year about one thing or another. Needless to say, I was devastated by the news and like everyone else, I did my best to send positive thoughts her way and prayed for her recovery. For me, just like many others, I have numerous special memories of Lorie because that is how she made you feel.
Thinking back, I was surprised at just how large a part of my life she was – I met her in 2011 at my first CWA conference in White Plains and we were sitting next to one another at dinner, chatting about writing. She, of course, put me completely at ease and talked to me in her gentle voice like I was the most important person in the world.
It was in 2012 when Lorie and I really started to connect – it was the beginning of the year and that was when the whole Loews Portofino Resort battle versus the feral cats residing on the property controversy began. This was my first real podcast and I was a wreck – it was all still so new for me and I am quite shy by nature which is why I prefer to write to express myself. I, of course, was a bumbling, rambling speaker, being that speaking is not my forte, but I did the best I could, managing to sound somewhat authoritative on occasion and Lorie was a doll about the whole thing (click here to listen to the podcast – the link is at the very end of the post) and it was from that point that Lorie and I really hit it off and it seemed that no matter what conference we attended throughout the years – from CWA to Barkworld to BlogPaws – that we always ended up sitting next to one another at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Lorie and I both won Pettie Awards in 2012 and as a result of that, I was invited to speak about a rescue promotion I was working on while attending Barkworld. It was during those talks that you found the true passion and personality in Lorie and it was never about her – it was always about how can we help make the world a better place for animals and she never, ever participated in the politics and fur-flying antics that can sometimes be part of a large and devoted group of animal loving people who have no problem expressing their opinions!
She and I also participated in a campaign for a pet food company together that also caused a lot of controversy in our blogs – again, rising to the occasion, she was a beacon for empathy and fairness and handled the critics with appropriate dignity, professionalism and aplomb, all while respecting their differing opinions. In listening to all the women gathered at this conference, I realized that we had one thing in common. I knew that on some level going in but somehow attending this conference helped solidify that. Deborah Barnes is a fellow Cat Writers’ Association member and the force behind the beautiful blog Zee and Zoey as well as the author of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey – A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary.
The third and final woman I would like to tap is Christine Michaels, also a fellow member of the Cat Writers’ Association. I have been so busy and embroiled in my own life, that I did not even know she had tagged me and now I will never be able to thank her and tell her how much I admired and respected her as well.
I will miss you dearly Lorie and all I can say is that you have touched the hearts of so many. Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear friend Lorie, she was a remarkable woman full of great knowledge and compassion for animals. I don’t think any of us knew that she had liver problems so everyone was shocked when they heard the news. I was blessed to share meals with her at all of the BlogPaws conferences, and at two conferences both of my last evenings there were spent with Lorie.

Through the years that I have known her, (which were now much too short), she always treated me and everyone else with respect, compassion, understanding and patience.
Caren – I understand better than anyone what it is like to feel alone in a crowd and I am grateful that you felt comfortable enough to share your feelings on my blog. I knew it would be hard to handle, I saw your post on Facebook and decided to go ahead and I’m so glad I did.
All you need to do to win lovely selection of goodies is to simply pay for one or more of our Bandcamp compilations!Follow the links above, pick up the download and we'll drop you a line if you're a winner. There have been so many bombs to hit the big screen based on video games over the past couple of decades, one wonders why the studios keep going back to the well.
But, you know, they have that covered, after all, one of Tobey’s crew (Scott Mescudi) is flying overhead in a Cessna giving him directions and traffic updates, what could possibly go wrong?
So, when I saw a message in my inbox from CWA Vice President, Dusty Rainbolt on Tuesday, I barely glanced at the subject heading and just opened it, expecting to see something about the conference. Whether in person, on the telephone, or through email correspondence, she always made the time for you and made you feel like you really mattered.
I was a complete newbie to the arena and felt like a fish out of water wondering how or why I was sitting next to a veterinarian, social media specialist, and cat care expert, having a conversation with her like I knew anything at all. I had done a whole series of blog posts and videos (with Christine Michaels of Riverfront Cats) about the situation, focusing primarily on dispelling the myths of feral cats and touting the virtues of TNR. Prior to the Loews situation I didn’t even know what a feral cat was and learning about TNR and cat overpopulation was something I was just beginning to comprehend. This was especially true in her role as president of the CWA – on occasion there might be an issue or two that caused friction. A friend, a leader, a mentor, a champion of animals, and a kind, decent, and caring human being who didn’t have a mean or vindictive bone in her body.
I actually had a blog post written that basically said that I write because I love writing. None of these ladies knew ahead of time I was going to tap them because, honestly, I didn’t know who I was going to tap until the last minute.
Her blog as well as her book follows the everyday journey she shares with her cats, but her blog also covers topics from the humorous behaviors of cats to very serious subjects on pet responsibility.
Christine is an amazing woman; smart, talented, beautiful (inside and out!), always to willing to offer advice. But I think she will forgive me – that was just how she was – and I do hope we can read between the lines from her heartfelt sentiments and learn from her to be more helpful and considerate of one another. You were a true role model – beautiful inside and out and just like my darling cat, Harley, who was taken from me far too quickly in June of this year for no reason that I can reconcile, the same is true of you. She was very lucky to have friends and colleagues who were positively impacted by her true essence–you can help carry that forward on her behalf.
The insightful article she wrote in August mentioning you does not surprise me- it is evident that she thought highly of and hand great fondness for you. She will be sadly missed by many but I know when I go outside at night and look up that she will be the brightest star in the sky. It was 2 wks ago and I had written to her asking if it was ok if I backed out on my reservation at the CWA Banquet.
Rest assured there is always a seat next to me if you want it and my heart is with you as we mourn the loss of Lorie. The problem now is, he’s breaking parole the minute he leaves New York and his nemesis Dino has put a huge bounty on his head, offering a rare Lamborghini to anyone who knocks him out before he can check in to qualify for the race.
However, this one, as poor as it is, does make for an astoundingly good home theatre experience, go figure. Instead, I, along with the whole CWA membership, got the completely unexpected news that Lorie Huston, DVM,  and our CWA President was in the hospital, critically ill due to complications from liver failure. She reached out to me via email one day – she wanted me to do a radio pod cast with her on Animal Cafe about the whole thing and I was flabbergasted.

She always stepped in – quickly, firmly, and with an arsenal of grace, fairness, class, and tact to put an end to it. But what I didn’t realize was just how dedicated these women really are, to their own goals and to each other.
Her blog, Riverfront Cats, focuses on rescuing stray cats, protecting community cats, and embracing black cats. That may not address the sadness of her passing, but it gives a charter for all of us to move toward compassion. May your memories of and knowledge learned from her forever be with you as you continue to enrich the cat community and blogosphere. She never met a stranger and when you left her , you felt like she had been part of your life forever.
I told her I was fairly certain I would have no one to sit with, (based on previous conferences) and if it was ok, I wanted to not go. This is pure reference quality material with a clean, crisp image, lots of detail, beautiful color saturation; the reds in those sports cars really pop.
It was at that very moment as all of us opened that email that a collective gasp of shock and profound grief traveled throughout the pet loving world as we tried to process what made no sense at all to us. I daresay there is not one person who ever knew her that could say anything negative about her and she was one of the most fair-minded, kind, compassionate, and genuine people I have ever known. She had already done a blog post on her Pet Health Care Gazette site featuring the videos Christine and I had done and now she wanted to interview me. But they are all women I admire and respect, and each also has a goal toward which she is working in which her writing takes an active part.
She has been involved in animal welfare for over 15 years, working with horses, dogs, and cats, and serves on two boards in Chicago. Clearly we know that life is fleeting and all we have is the moment in front of us – let’s learn from her example and try to be kinder, gentler, and more tolerant people as it makes the world a far better place to be.
The last was at BP in Vegas, Layla, Lorie and I were sitting outside in that freaky windstorm laughing our heads off and talking our heads off. I hope those who loved her in the blogging community have room in their hearts and houses to give one of the cats a home like the CB did when Rose passed. So now, here comes another entry, Need for Speed, based on the popular video game franchise from game publisher Electronic Arts (EA). Not only that, but the high end is smooth and relaxed, so those roaring and rumbling engine sounds and explosions – and even a few gunshots – are never too sharp. She respected me and she knew my concern for these cats and raising awareness on TNR was thoroughly researched and genuine. I didn’t fully understand that until I attended the Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN) conference over the past few days. And whether the tool that is being used is a post or article that I’ve written, a podcast I’ve done, a webinar I’ve participated in, a lecture I’ve presented, a panel I’ve sat on, an interview I’ve completed, or some other form of communication, it all goes back to that original goal.
Her blog is nominated as a finalist for the Best Dog Blog prize in the 2014 Dogtime Petties Awards. She had told me if she wasn’t speaking that night and presenting awards that SHE herself would sit with me. You just knew she genuinely cared about what you were discussing… she cared about YOU.
The two most common questions asked at this conference were “What can I do for you?” and “How can we work together to reach a mutual goal?” That was something totally different than I had ever experienced before at a conference. Also, never worry, even with all the action, the dialogue is kept nicely above the fray, clean, and intelligible.

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