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Desmond is released from a military prison and dishonorably discharged from the British Army's Royal Scottish Regiment. Some time in 2001, Desmond arrives in the United States where a stranger buys him a coffee. Later in Los Angeles, Desmond is preparing to run the steps of a sports stadium, a tour de stade, where Jack, a stranger, arrives to do the same. After living with him for about 2 years, Desmond saw Kelvin trigger a fake lockdown many times, and one day Desmond did it himself under Kelvin's instructions. Some time later, Desmond wakes up at the sound of the alarm: only 45 seconds are left and Kelvin is nowhere to be found.
One day, Desmond notices that the HAZMAT suit has a large tear in it while Kelvin was donning it to go outside.
Desmond sits disconsolate and drinking alcohol with a gun at a table in the Hatch, possibly considering suicide.
With the arrival of a sailboat during Libby and Ana Lucia's funeral, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid then swim to the vessel with guns, and discover a drunk Desmond inside the cabin. Jack, Kate, Michael, Sawyer and Hurley prepare themselves for the rescue trek across the island.
At her tent, Claire is about to do the weekly injection to Aaron, but Desmond interrupts, saying that she is wasting her time. Sayid goes to Desmond to ask for his boat as he wants to get to the other side of the Island quickly. On their way across the jungle, Sawyer encounters a doll, but Kate prevents him from touching it, saying that he would be caught in a net. Suddenly, the party encounters a large bird much like the one from "Exodus, Part 2", and Hurley believes it squawked his name. Eko Naveen Andrews - Sayid Jarrah Emilie de Ravin - Claire Littleton Matthew Fox - Jack Shephard Jorge Garcia - Hugo Reyes Josh Holloway - James Ford Malcolm David Kelley - Walt Lloyd Daniel Dae Kim - Jin-Soo Kwon Yunjin Kim - Sun-Hwa Kwon Evangeline Lilly - Kate Austen Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace Terry O'Quinn - John Locke Harold Perrineau - Michael Dawson Michelle Rodriguez - Ana Lucia Cortez* Cynthia Watros - Elizabeth Smith*Did not appear in the episode. For other uses of "Live together, die alone", see Live together, die alone (disambiguation).
Events come to a head as Michael leads his friends across the Island to confront the Others.
He tells her that he needs money to obtain a boat to win back his honor in a race around the world sponsored by Charles Widmore and shows her the race pamphlet. Penelope arrives unexpectedly, having tracked Desmond down and confronts him, she asks him sarcastically whether he has read the book Our Mutual Friend and why he didn't write to her but Desmond does not answer. He goes into his cabin, puts his book in a plastic bag for protection, and takes it with him. Desmond realizes he had been deceived about the quarantine, a realization that was quickly confirmed after he followed Kelvin outside and saw him remove the suit. When he opens his book Our Mutual Friend in preparation to read it, he discovers an envelope containing Penelope's letter.
Kate argues that the Others are not who they say they are, they are not hillbillies, but Michael replies that he knows what he saw. When Sayid climbs up to the camp to investigate, he discovers that all the huts are abandoned.
Michael is forced to tell the truth, admitting that he had killed Ana Lucia and Libby, let the false Henry Gale go, and lead the rescue party based on instructions from the Others so that he could free Walt. Meanwhile, Desmond returns to the Island on a sailboat, and he and Locke make a decision to see what happens if the countdown in the Swan goes beyond zero.
He wants to beat him in his own race, and then win back the love of Widmore's daughter, Penelope. He revealed that his partner, Radzinsky, was the one who figured out how to trigger a fake lockdown (by hot-wiring the controls), and that it was also he who had the idea of creating the map.
Sayid approaches the DHARMA station at the camp, and discovers there is only a rock wall behind the door. As the group is walking alongside a small river, Kate spots two Others stalking them on the other side. Desmond was getting impatient with the fact that Radzinsky invented everything, yet he does not know what happened to him. Kelvin explains that this is the only other way out: it is the fail-safe, and behind the wall lays a source of electromagnetism, geologically unique. There, Des sees his sailboat, almost completely repaired, at which point Kelvin announces he was aware of Desmond's presence, as he was a spook for 10 years.
In it, Penelope explains that she has hidden the letter in "the one place you would turn to in a moment of great desperation," which explains why she had asked about the book at their encounter at the stadium.
Hurley wants to go back but Jack then convinces the skeptical party to continue onward, revealing Sayid's plan.
Kelvin reveals that Radzinsky had killed himself with a shotgun while Kelvin was asleep, leaving a stain on the ceiling. Desmond confronts Kelvin and becomes increasingly emotional, while Kelvin resignedly admits he had been going outside to repair Desmond's boat to leave the Island: "Screw the button, man. The letter was a message of love and hope in the midst of despair, and ended with, "All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. Jack says that the Others will kill them all if they think the survivors don't trust Michael. Who knows if it's even real." Believing he could have left the Island long ago, Desmond becomes enraged and throws himself at Kelvin, accidentally smashing his head against a rock and killing him.
Desmond then complains that he has not left the Hatch since his arrival, but Kelvin reminds him of the quarantine and the Hostiles. Desmond has not been outside for 2 years and asks if he can go out, saying that he was in the army, but Kelvin once again reminds him that he was kicked out because he couldn't follow orders.
At that moment, he hears the sound of someone else screaming in despair and pounding on a wall; that person is Locke pounding on the Hatch, after Boone's death.
Desmond looks up to the Hatch entrance and turns a light onto the Hatch window, placating Locke, and calming Desmond from thoughts of suicide.

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