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The Taos Hum- a phenomenon in recent times that has been creating a “BUZZ” around the world.
Some 20 years ago, people reportedly felt the annoyance of these sounds not only outdoors but indoors as well. In 1993, the problem became so grave that the citizens had to join and submit a request to the government for conducting a thorough investigation and understanding the root of the problem. Hums in Taos gained much importance when people in its vicinity began suffering from this unwelcomed buzzing noise.
Investigators and researchers have attributed it to the probability of electromagnetic waves that are caused by meteors. A flying saucer that had crashed in 1947 that was pretty close to Taos is one of the few interesting suppositions that may have triggered this phenomenon.
Experts also say that the auditory nervous system of the human body has the ability to create a humming sound due to a disorder which is called ‘tinnitus’. The microphone that is required to detect this low frequency sound is extremely sensitive .
We hope the scientists soon discover the answer for this problem, so that the people that are afflicted by the ceaseless sound of Taos hum find some relief. The paper talked to 40 residents who reported hearing the noise, and found that nearly all had visited a doctor more than once about related health problems, and at least 15 had undergone a series of neurological tests. Avoiding interaction with others: Many times, the person afflicted with hearing loss may feel some embarrassment of having to ask people to repeat everything they say.
Benign tumors: Acoustic neuroma is a slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain. Labyrinthitis: Caused by bacteria or viruses that inflame the the inner ear causing a feeling of imbalance. You may notice that someone who is hard of hearing may need to face you when speaking to them, or may need to look you directly in the face to read your lips.
Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) This condition is a result of nerve damage that causes a person with normal hearing to not be able to process speech appropriately. Since our test rig is mobile, we can measure the sound level in a designated chamber that's devoid of sound sources like computers and air conditioning. We measure the sound level with a Voltcraft SL 400 sound level meter and log the results with an attached data logger. I would have preferred to see all the benchmarks at 1920x1080 done with maxed out graphics settings. I want to see how the base performance is in games with full detail, and save the heavy AA and resolutions for extreme. Quote:We'll add up to 20 new boards each month until the lower end of the performance range is filled out, too.

For Starcraft II you say "This game doesn't stress the CPU, and is thus well-suited for GPU benchmarking." Looks like you got CPU and GPU mixed up there. More than likely, it's the sequence the German team picked that is less CPU-bound than other StarCraft II tests we've used.
I would love something like this as well, but as Tom's has a world wide market and the prices vary so greatly from place to place such charts become impractical. Another thing I would like is something like Anandtech's bench where when you select your cards you get bar graphs instead of raw numbers in a chart. None of these changes should be all that hard to make, and would make the charts much simpler to use when comparing specific cards.
The receiver can be used in situations where a hearing aid is not worn, but where amplified sound is needed by the listener. Additionally, the unit can be used by anyone with normal hearing who requires to hear a signal via an Induction Loop. The Receiver is suitable for both speech and music, and can be to hearing-aid response where the low frequencies are severely attenuated. A push button switch controls the frequency response, being flat or bass cut as per hearing aid.
It all started when this humming sound resulted in perking up the health disorders graph amongst the population. Other bizarre theories include that the aliens are in an attempt to communicate with their signals.
However, people with tinnitus believe that what they hear is not the same noise and it is really not the one that they usually hear in tinnitus.
Consulting with your health care provider allows for diagnosis and treatment to prevent further damage to the structures within the ear, whose sole function is to pass the information to the brain for interpretation. Another well known sign is their need to have the TV or radio up very loud where it disturbs others in the household or even the neighbors. A sine wave audio signal at 1 kHz and 40 dB is equivalent to 40 phons, which, in turn, is defined as one sone.
Even though a sound level increase of 10 phons above one sone is perceived as a doubling of loudness, the situation is more complex below 40 phons, where sound level reductions of less than 10 phons are perceived as halving loudness. These curves constitute filters that try to emulate the frequency response of the human ear when conducting a sound level measurement. The chamber features soundproof windows, a thick carpet, and a fold-up three-sided soundproofing compartment with a lid that has an array of soft foam pyramids.
The instrument is mounted on a tripod, which is placed on a thick felt mat to isolate it from structure-borne sound. I saw the power consumption charts and could only see GTX 500, 600 and Radeon 6000, 7000 series.

All Rights Reserved.    Designers and Manufacturers of Electronic Equipment. The residents were going through nose bleeding, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, and sleep disorders. Often times the person will complain that people are muttering and they can't understand a word that is said unless you speak loudly also. I have an EVGA GTX 480 SC for two years and do like to know how it compares to the newer series of GPUs. The people were of the opinion that there is some kind of government project that is secretly being carried out or that may be some military installations having their base near the area are causing it. And, the possibility of hot gases moving beneath the Earth causing sounds and vibrations is yet another speculation. Although auditory problems can strike at any age, the elderly population have a higher incidence of hearing difficulties.
Although this seems practical, logical, and convenient to use, there are some traps and pitfalls when using sone, which ultimately sway us toward using decibel. As graphics cards at idle typically have sound levels of less than 40 phons, this poses a major problem. But, depending on the accuracy of the sound level meter, the resulting data in dB(A) is more relevant than data in sone when we are dealing with sound levels below 40 dB. Often people are forced to keep their TV on or sleep with a fan in an attempt to beat the hum noise. Hearing abilities begin to decrease around the ages of 30-40, and as we age this hearing loss progresses. So, even though the sound pressure in decibel might have doubled, that doesn't mean that we actually perceive it to have doubled.
A dB(A) value has to be accompanied by the distance to the sound source in order to be useful. Even though this instrument is certified for measurements down to 30 dB(A), we had it calibrated down to 27 dB(A) with a professional sound level meter; we found only minor discrepancies, all of which may have been random. Although hums have been reported in various parts of the world, Taos in New Mexico is a major cause of concern. It is important to see a health care professional when it becomes evident that some degree of hearing loss has occurred.

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