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April 20, 2011 By Michelle Barneck 18 Comments Ever wondered how to make an earring holder? I had the splatter screen to make this and was toying with the idea of lace, but was inspired by the lovely Amy from Positively Splendid to use burlap instead. I just bought one of those splatter screens with the idea that I was going to make an earring holder, I came home and googled it and this post came up! I have never tried quilling although I probably did as a child but didn’t realise that it had a name. Hi, I am from India, and would love to seek your help in which sealant shall I use for sealing my quilling craft pendants and earrings to have a shine and stiffness.. Fab looking tutorial – I have just got back from buying quilling supplies so will be trying this later!! Being organized at home is something that's difficult to achieve, but incredibly time-saving and useful -- especially when it comes to all those little things like earrings and necklaces.
That's why we're bringing you seven clever jewelry storage ideas that will make finding your favorite pieces super easy.

Add some personality to your Moleskine by carving original gilded designs and pressing them against the journal. Glue ribbon over the handle of the screen leaving the hole on the back of the end uncovered so you can hang it easily. I have posted a backlink to your site on my linky parties page, but it’s still coming up as an error. I first met Honey few months ago when I joined a collaborative ebook prokect – Make It Easy. It really is easier than you think – I remember it from childhood and MUST give it another go myself!
The big secret to using a topcoat is to do very thin coats allowing them to dry between applications.
Just the thought of sitting on the bedroom floor with a box filled with tangled chains in our laps is enough to make our heads hurt. And displaying your jewels and baubles is also a great way to bring a little personality to your spac.

Glue burlap taut by laying a line of glue around the edge of the screen and gluing down a bit a a time. Using both layers gives it strength so the burlap won’t get wonky spacing from things hanging on it.
I wonder if you could use an embroidery hoop instead, or if you really need the stability of the wire mesh behind it? Most of these will work for paper quilling to make it stiff, shiny, more durable, and water resistant. See also the article on my blog.You are welcome to sell items you make from my beading tutorials you have purchased.

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