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UK’s Sarah Carmen, 24, is a 200-a-day orgasm girl who gets good, good, GOOD vibrations from almost anything. Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man that swam under ice, and stood in bins filled with ice. Rhett Lamb is often cranky like any other 3-year-old toddler, but there’s one thing that makes him completely different: he has a rare medical condition in which he can’t sleep a wink. That’s the story of AJ, an extraordinary 40-year-old married woman who remembers everything. Meet Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old teenager who has a mystery illness that makes her sick every time she eats anything.
Chris Sands, 24, from Lincoln, hiccups as often as every two seconds – and sometimes even when he is asleep.
Kay Underwood, 20, has cataplexy, which means that almost any sort of strong emotion triggers a dramatic weakening of her muscles. For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain. People who are ill might have to take a lot of pills either to retain or regain their health.
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Travel insurance only provides cover for emergency overseas medical events that are sudden and unforeseen.
If you have a Pre Existing Medical Condition that is not covered, Travel Insurance will not pay any claims arising from, related to or associated with that condition. Imagine, there are things that occur within our universe that is natural though we think it’s not.
She suffers from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which increases blood flow to the sex organs.

Rhett is awake nearly 24 hours a day, and his condition has baffled his parents and doctors for years. Exhilaration, anger, fear, surprise, awe and even embarrassment can also cause sufferers to suddenly collapse on the spot.
But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird – because she is allergic to Cell Phones and Microwaves. As strange as all of these are, for some reason I was especially disgusted by the thought of eating nothing but tic tacs.
With too much of information available on the net, it won`t take much time and effort to be enlightened about a particular medical term. Find information about Telugu film news, regional news, current affairs, gallery, wallpapers, etc. Appropriate planning for patients taking anticoagulants and other medicines can be carried out. Medical conditions that existed at the time of the policy being issued are not covered unless they are an automatically covered condition (described below) or unless they are a condition that we have agreed to cover. This means that you have to pay for an overseas medical emergency, which can be prohibitive in some countries. He cannot put on weight because of a condition called lipodystrophy that makes his body rapidly burn fat. Blanc in shorts in the icy cold, harvested world records and always stands for new challenges. They took clock shifts watching his every sleep-deprived mood to determine what ailed the young boy. Ashleigh, from Melbourne, Australia, is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she’s lived with since she was 14.
If you randomly pick a date from the past 25 years and ask her about it, she’ll usually provide elaborate, verifiable details about what happened to her that day and if there were any significant news events on topics that interested her. Mr Sands thinks his problem stems from an acid reflux condition caused by a damaged valve in his stomach.
Kay, of Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire (UK), who was diagnosed with the condition five years ago, once collapsed more than 40 times in a single day.

We often tend to forget that people who are disabled (temporarily or permanently) need care and special treatment. Such knowledge would not only make us aware of the symptoms, but also guide us to deal with the patient.
Scientists can’t really explain it, but the 48-year-old Dutchman is able to withstand, and even thrive, in temperatures that could be fatal to the average person. After a number of conflicting opinions, Shannon and David Lamb finally learned what was wrong with their child: Doctors diagnosed Rhett with an extremely rare condition called chiari malformation.
She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria – so unusual that only a handful of cases are documented worldwide. For reasons that doctors are unable to explain, Tic tacs are the only thing she can stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially formulated feed through a tube.
As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy.
Besides, keeping in track with the latest research done regarding the disease might prove to be hopeful. The 40-year-old woman, who was given the code name AJ to protect her privacy, is so unusual that UCI coined a name for her condition in a recent issue of the journal Neurocase: hyperthymestic syndrome. Mr Sands, who is a backing singer in the group Ebullient, said the condition has hampered his career as he has only been able to perform four times. Maintaining the stock of medicines that are needed daily and in case of emergency should be a priority.
It started off in bed where sex sessions would last for hours and my boyfriend would be stunned at how many times I would orgasm. What happens is you get compression, squeezing, strangulating of the brain stem, which has all the vital functions that control sleep, speech, our cranial nerves, our circulatory system, even our breathing system,” Savard said. Narcolepsy affects around 30,000 people in the UK and about 70 per cent of them also have cataplexy.

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