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As your Medical Home, we are committed to creating an experience of well-being for your child and family. Meningococcal meningitis is a rare and potentially life-threatening bacterial infection, which causes inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Neisseria meningitidis, the bacterium responsible for most meningococcal meningitis cases, is highly contagious. It’s easy to mistake these symptoms for those associated with common viral illnesses; that’s why vaccination is so important!
Children younger than 11 are not routinely immunized because the infection rate among this population is low and immunity resulting from vaccination is relatively short-lived. However, immunization for children 2-10 years of age is recommended in certain high-risk groups, such as patients who are immunocompromised or missing their spleen.
Every visit with your pediatrician is an opportunity to prevent meningococcal meningitis! Protect yourself and your family by getting immunized.
Parent & Family AdvisoryMetropolitan Pediatrics – Westside is seeking individuals to be a part of a Parent & Family Advisory Group! At Metropolitan Pediatrics, we know that growing, developing bodies experience injuries differently than mature adult bodies. You may have noticed that sometimes your toddler seems to be really itchy and uncomfortable in a diaper.
As frightening as it may seem, toddlers generally recover without any further complications. The word pneumonia can be a cause for serious concern, especially when it affects the sick, elderly, young children and others with a weakened immune system.

Don’t let your child or teen become another victim of this devastating disease—get your loved ones immunized!
Survivors of the disease often have lifelong health issues—amputated limbs, scarring, brain damage, hearing loss, kidney damage, and psychological problems. Not only is this age group at greater risk for contracting the disease, but youths are also more likely to die from it (the death rate is 5 times higher among 15- to 24-year-olds)! It spreads via direct contact (i.e., exposure to infected saliva or respiratory secretions) in a matter of seconds—the time it takes to share a drink or a kiss! Meningococcal meningitis progresses rapidly and can cause death or permanent disability in as little as 24 hours—act now before it’s too late!
Metropolitan Pediatrics administers the meningococcal vaccine at the 11- to 12-year-old visit and again before your teen starts college (because living in close quarters, such as dorms, increases risk of contracting the disease). When your child suffers a sports-related injury, you want someone who understands these differences and knows how to address the unique needs of your young athlete.
Typically, yeast infection is caused when the fungi present in the body, because of continued exposure to wet and warm conditions turns into yeast. While loss of consciousness varies from patient to patient, if the concussion last for more than a few minutes, ensure that the child gets immediate medical care. However, it is also possible that your child is itchy and scratchy because he's developed a rash.
They are discovering their surrounding and their own abilities in relation to their environment.

Symptoms of Concussion in a Toddler The symptom of a concussion include brief loss of consciousness, slight headache, a bump on the head, temporary impaired vision, vomiting, momentary memory loss, poor balance. But if being subdued extends to fatigue, extended spells of low energy and listlessness, your baby may have suffered a concussion that requires attention. Signs of Toddler Concussion The Parents need to monitor the symptoms and the situation after a toddler hits his head. This includes unexpected changes in sleeping patterns, appetite, energy levels and their response to playtime. Mild concussions occur without loss of consciousness and therefore can be hard to identify. Prevention and Treatment for Concussion in a Toddler It is best to take your toddler for a checkup. If he suspects a greater impact caused by the injury further tests (like CT scans) may be conducted. Remember that in the case of head injuries, symptoms may present themselves hours after the injury.

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