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While many of you asked the cake redeemed itself in it’s deliciousosity, I regret to inform you that the burning hair smell put me off of it.
Alas, I cannot submit my creation to the SITE Cake Wrecks, because they only accept professional cakes, and as we’ve all gladly seen, I am no professional.
Yesterday as I was flitting about the house uselessly writing a couple of things that I had promised I would do, I noticed that my right ear was making an odd tapping noise. As the day wore endlessly on, the knocking in my ear continued, and as I was finishing up the last of my articles late last night, I had a horrible, awful thought that combined the most awful of my fears. What if something had laid their hideous eggs in my ear canal and now it was hatching to eat my remaining three brain cells? Then I went and flushed my ear canal with water and hydrogen peroxide for a couple of minutes, figuring that it would kill whatever was eating my brain. Today I am over at Toy With Me, where I am telling the not-at-all (SARCASM ALERT) embarrassing story of my bachelorette party.
And, as always, if you’d care to vote for me in The Bloggies under best humor blog (voting ends in a couple of days), here is the link. I knew a man who had a beetle crawl in his ear – had to be flushed out – but he said straight peroxide worked! I’m guessing that the thumping is the alien baby that laid its eggs in your brain over the summer. I think the best thing to do at a time like this, is to brainstorm names for the Alien Bug Baby eating your brain.
Oh and a horrible ear infection drove away the itch forever in one ear it swelled up and everything, just saying, maybe it hatched and that one is gone.

You should have fed the not-cake to the Daver and have you considered that the knocking sound may be your last surviving brains trying to escape “The Poseidon Adventure” style?
I too had an odd noise in my ear the other day (also live in the midwest) while I was reading aloud to my son. You should have offered your alien bug baby some of your cake…instead of just throwing such a delicious morsel away! I think you should buy yourself a cake as sort of a I-tried-but-failed-but-still-deserve-a-yummy-treat prize! Can’t wait to check out your post at Toy With Me, but right now I have to put my chauffuer hat on and do some running around! In my case, I have a teeeny hole in my eardrum and if I get water in my ear at all it can’t drain. Then, when I realized the fondant smelled exactly like I’d imagine the color Blue to smell, it further solidified my desire to never let it touch my delicate, refined, distinguished palate. I told the doctor, if there was something alive in my ear, she should just shoot me now, because I was going to die of squickiness anyway. She laughed, and told me there was a piece of dried skin, shaped like a corn flake, right over the ear drum, so every time the air around me moved (um, always?) I was hearing it vibrate.

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