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It seems that stretching multiple ear piercings, whether in the lobe, helix, or other cartilage areas, is becoming a pretty big trend.  I love the multiple stretched piercings with the spiral barbell wound through, don’t you? As industrials become more and more common, new sets of industrial style piercing that go through multiple points does too.  Just take a look at the helix-rook-tragus industrial here, and the fun jewelry being worn in verticals (like this cute trident made of an industrial bar and a stylized horseshoe). I really want those two ear cuffs that are in the first picture, especially the second one.

As mentioned in other comments above, the trident is two pieces: a regular industrial with a cone tip, and a custom bent horseshoe. You’d need to get an industrial piercing done, a regular cartilage hole between those on your helix, and a rook piercing for that one. Can you or anyone that knows where i can purchase the trident jewelry, please send me information on where to order the trident jewelry.

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