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For a beautifully curated collection of cuffs read British jewelry writer Vivienne Becker’s article in the Financial Times.
Jessica Alba is one of the most popular female celebrities today among young women her age, and her hairstyles are popular, too.
Above is a great photo of the Hispanic star looking happy with a terrifically stylish short modern hairstyle. Like most Latinas, Jessica is a natural brunette but she also looks pretty with blonde haircolor in her jaw-length short haircut with cool curls.
It is a brilliantly designed style with chunky pieces of different thicknesses--from very thin and to very thick. Click on the thumbnails in the right-hand menu to see more of her attractive designs and colors.
I've already wrote you about A Peace Treaty brand and its creations in my previous post, where I described its spring collection now it's time to share with you new Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection which comes with amazing nomad and tribal style necklaces, gorgeous boho chic earrings and awesome bracelets made in creative shapes and designs.

If there is one look that nearly all jewelry editors agree on this season it is the bold cuff bracelet. Turquoise and silver are a timeless duo, and this year’s Southwest styles are hotter than ever.
Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green (more on that next week), and already designers such as Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore and Marimekko have shown emerald fashions in their Spring 2013 collections. And go green in your own jewelry wardrobe with green enamel…green faux gemstones…jade…malachite and more. The ‘80s called and they want their hoop earring back (but accessories editors are giving them a big-time comeback). If you buy nothing else this season, get a great big pair of earrings and keep your ears open for compliments. Looking equally great with a V-neck sweater or a strapless dress, The Tassel Necklace adds some swish to your wish list.

Seen on the runways in gold, silver, crystal or plastic, wide cuffs – worn in pairs or one on each wrist – are here to stay. Whether it’s a geometric pattern, something with spikes (yikes), or a bib of oversized pearls as seen at the Chanel spring jewelry collection, you’ll be up to your neck in high fashion. Giant hoops in silver, gold or metal were seen on Paris runway models wearing slicked-back ponytails.
Now you wear bangle bracelets in major multiples…in diamonds and rose gold…rhinestones with black…or plastic in neon.

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