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The unique and powerful SENS™ technology embedded in every Sensear headset means every person who works or plays in extreme noise environments can easily and safely communicate clearly with others in and outside the area, while remaining fully protected from extreme noise, and simultaneously remain completely able to hear important sounds in the environment for maximum situational awareness which is crucial to safety in virtually all high noise environments. Sensear SENS™ technology is designed to analyze noise in real-time, amplifying human voices while suppressing other sounds. Sensear ear muff headsets are available in standard headband, neckband (behind the head), and hardhat mount models. Sensear offers unique SENS™ technology in a wide range of headsets, all designed for enhanced communications in high noise environments.
The result is an incredibly clear face to face communications capability in high noise environments. Base models let you communicate face to face with others in the environment in noise levels up to 95 dB!
For those operating in close quarters or high heat environments where an ear muff is just not comfortable, the unique and powerful SENS™ technology is available in an in-ear plug style headset.

No longer will you feel the need to remove your protective ear plugs or ear muffs to try and understand what someone is saying to you, or what is coming across the public address system. More capable Sensear models add the ability to plug in your existing two-way radio, with a full range of adapters that let you connect virtually any existing two way radio to your Sensear headset. Other specialty Sensear headsets include dual protection models that support communications in environments up to 110 dB, Intrinsically Safe models that meet the stringent requirements for use in explosive atmospheres, and group communications sets for use in providing plant and operations tours or meetings in high noise environments, with a quality of clear communications that simply are not available using any other systems.
By automatically differentiating between dangerous noise and the sound produced by human speech, SENS™ equipped headsets enable users to clearly and easily communicate in noisy environments while simultaneously remaining protected from dangerously loud noise, and still hear, at a safe volume level, everything around them for maximum situational awareness.
Sensear headsets are set to never exceed 82 dB of sound at the ear inside the headset, making all Sensear headsets fully OSHA and MSHA compliant for noise. These models let you use a boom mic or throat mic and your choice of transmit activation device.
Sensear has bluetooth capable headsets that let you use your cell phone to communicate in high noise environments as well.

Sensear goes even further, with a built in Short Range 2-way radio with a range of up to 50 meters. A gorgeous winter accessory, our faux fur headband is ultra chic & is the perfect way to add some snow bunny glamour to your outfit.
These comfortable stylish muffs provide superior hearing protection while remaining light and comfortable for the shooter.

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