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Description: Enhance your audio entertainment by reducing ambient noise by 15 dB at 200 Hz. Description: Our ultra lightweight, streamline bluetooth headset is a device that will truly captivate you. Description: Dazzle with our ultra lightweight, vibrantly colored bluetooth headset with LED lens. Description: Features built-in antenna, power switch with volume adjustment, reset button, digital scan button, adjustable ear hanger, and ear plug. Description: These water resistant earbuds are a great accessory for your MP3 player or iPod.

Description: With a durable yet compact design, this triple-seal, waterproof case provides the ultimate protection for your iPod.
Description: These passive noise blocking headphones reduce the amount of external noise making it easier to hear "play-by-play" radio broadcasts or music at the track and loud sporting events. Acoustic Research is a brand under the Audiovox umbrella and by all means, research is what they seem to be doing because they have just announced their newest piece of gadgetry destined to make your listening sessions more pleasant: the ARNC01. Powerful sound quality is delivered through 36 Mm high quality drivers with neodymium magnets. Enjoy up to 7 hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time, as you can chat easily with its retractable wire and micro shirt-clip for security.

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The 9.25mm neodymium drivers come with a full frequency range (20-20,000 Hz) and the headphones sport a closed back architecture, with glossy black finish and silicone rubber sleeves.

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