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We are updating our records and want to make sure we have your information correct in our database. Introducing the worlds first carbon-fiber motorcycle helmet with Intelligent Noise-Control™ for a saver, quieter ride combined with lightweight, super-strong carbon-fiber construction for unprecedented protection and riding comfort. Senas revolutionary Smart Helmet solves real-world challenges with high-tech solutions to create the optimal riding environment for the open road. Designed by riders, for riders, the Smart Helmet offers all the control of noise-canceling headphones while still allowing you to hear vital audio cues like sirens, traffic, and your RPMs. Sometimes you need to hear your surroundings when you pull over to fuel up or take a rest break, whether it's to hear what someone is saying or simply be aware of oncoming traffic.
The optional plug-and-play Bluetooth module snaps into the built-in modular microphone harness so you can make phone calls, listen to your music, or talk to your fellow riders at the touch of a button.

Designed for maximum strength and minimal weight, all styles and sizes of the Sena Smart Helmet feature the same streamlined, structurally integrated carbon-fiber shell. The EPS foam interior has multi-zone foaming for maximum safety, variable ventilation, and an adjustable multi-zone foam pad system. A streamlined, lightweight carbon-fiber helmet with a luxurious fit, ventilated shell, and an Intelligent Noise-Control system to keep you calm, alert, and focused, no matter what the conditions. Studies show that sustained exposure to freeway noise levels above 100 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss, cardiovascular effects, tinnitus, stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, and decreased reaction times.
Luckily, Sena's Ambient Mode can easily be switched on with a convenient button on the helmet's exterior, allowing you to hear clearly without removing your helmet. And because the Intelligent Noise-Control™ system significantly reduces wind noise, you can listen at volumes lower and safer than ever before.

This extremely lightweight carbon composite safely distributes energy upon impact while simultaneously making it one of the lightest full-face helmets on the market. The fully removable, washable, and adjustable head liner and cheek pads are made of soft COOL-Quick Dry fabric, resulting in a highly effective cooling and moisture-wicking system. The module analyzes sound information from an array of four networked microphones and adjusts in real time to phase out harmful helmet noise.

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