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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Click the button below to add the OEM Titan Noise Canceling Pro Grade Headset by Klein to your wish list. Robust and rugged yet comfortable to wear with contoured foam filled ear seals for maximum high noise ear protection. Each cup has a connector port enabling a user to connect to either two different radios or one radio and one phone. Each earshell is mono and the audio from both communication devices is separated for each ear.
The Shadow is an extremely durable answer for the officer who wants to use his shoulder mic but needs to receive privately. The Shadow Plus helps users receive messages privately via their speaker microphone in high noise situations be it in crowd control type situations or everyday highway patrol duty.
The lightweight and low profile speaker offers 30% more volume than the industry standard diaphragm type receiver and does not drain your radio battery. Choose the 12a€? option below if you are attaching the Plus listen only unit to your shoulder microphone and 42a€? of cable if you attach it directly to your radio. Increase Security and Reduce Noise by adding a listen only earpiece to your shoulder microphone or radio.

We offer many quality communication accessories compatible with the Kenwood TK3402 radio, which uses the K1 connector. This Ergonomic headset has a contoured ear tube for a comfortable and secure fit for all day wear. One wire is attached to the speaker and an acoustic tube discreetly goes to the ear, optional black tube available.
The second wire has a microphone and a€?push to talk switcha€? (PTT) that is worn down ones shirt sleeve and rests comfortably in the palm of the hand for covert communications. Stay connected to your two-way radio at all times while still being connected to your phone - Multi tasking at its best! This new security kit includes all the fine features of our workhorse The "Two Wire Palm microphone" and includes a 3rd cable for simultaneous cellular phone attachment.
The noise cancelling microphone offers unparalleled clarity in voice transmission for any noise level . This Listen only earpiece is for use with the above Shoulder Microphones and includes 12" cord. What makes the extra loud volume is the armature speaker amplifier that has been sourced from the Hearing Aid Industry specifically for radio users working in high noise situations. Overcome the noise and receive clear voice audio with this high volume and discreet receive only earpiece.

All of the accessories listed below have an K1 connector and are 100% compatible with your Kenwood TK3402 radio.
A pro audio omni directional microphone results in a clear and articulate reproduction of the spoken word regardless of capsule positioning. Models listed in the Compatibility Chart that are not listed on the site are available by Special Order. The Dual Sport high noise headset applications include Agriculture, Food Processing, Film Production, Manufacturing, Racing and Marine amongst many other job functions. The sensitivity of the miniature microphone is tuned to reduce loud surrounding environmental noise while still ensuring clear voice transmission. Along with the silicon ear mold a super lightweight wire gooseneck boom helps ensure the earpiece stays properly in your ear so you wona€™t have to keep adjusting it enabling you to focus on the task at hand.

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