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Significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in betweenQuietComfort® 25 headphones are re-engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. We completely redesigned our industry-leading headphones, with higher-quality materials and finishes. You'll enjoy lifelike, digital sound quality that stands out from the noise around you—plus the freedom of an in-ear headphone. Proprietary StayHear+ tips create a soft, secure fit with no need to force them into your ears. StayHear+ tips physically block some noise while our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology electronically reducesreduces most of what's left.

Our TriPort™ technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive. The headband sits closer to your head, with luxurious suede-like material underneath for extra comfort. Or, choose Aware mode and let some of it in—all while keeping your headphones on and your music alive with lifelike Bose® sound. Bose® Active EQ and TriPort® technology deliver performance so compelling, you'll want to listen for hours. It is because, in Bose they have two microphones one on each earphone for noise cancelling and one mic with the controls dedicated only to talk, while in Sennheiser since it is wireless, it only has the two mics sitting on the headphones, which are used both for noise cancellation as well as to speak.

Even the ear cushions give you an extra level of quiet by sealing out some of the world around you. On the positive side, if you want Bluetooth experience you can go for Sennheiser, it's just amazing.

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