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Joyful Noise: Kissing Both Feet – Family Life Ministry Family Life Ministry Follow Us! Road traffic noise and air pollution both increase the risk of having a stroke, recent research from Denmark suggests. Environmental noise and air pollution are believed to have similar biological effects on our blood vessels that increase the risk of stroke.
The study, conducted under the EU QUIET project1, is one of few to investigate the combined effects of traffic noise and air pollution. The researchers modelled air pollution and traffic noise levels for every participant’s home.

Statistical models analysed the independent effects of noise and air pollution, as well as their combined effects. Participants were more likely to have had a stroke if they lived in noisy and polluted areas. Every increase of 10 dB Lden of noise above 42 dB Lden, averaged over a year, increased the risk of ischaemic stroke for an individual by 16%, the data suggest. The data suggest that the body is only sensitive to air pollution, in relation to ischaemic stroke, when noise levels are high.
The results suggest that traffic noise is more strongly associated with ischaemic stroke, whereas only air pollution appears to be linked with more serious, fatal strokes.
It analysed data, from a population study of health and lifestyle of 51 569 residents in Copenhagen and Aarhus over 11 years. National medical records showed that 1999 of the participants had been diagnosed with stroke. They also accounted for the influence of other factors that affect stroke risk, such as diet, physical activity and smoking, as identified from earlier research.
Traffic noise and NO2 levels had significant associations with ischaemic strokes in particular, a form of stroke that occurs when clots block blood flow to the brain. For air pollution, the study focused on nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which are good markers of traffic air pollution and correlate closely with both ultrafine particles and PM10 (10 micrometres or less in diameter).

Similar patterns were seen between NOx exposure and stroke risk, but they were not as statistically significant, so the study did not make a confident association between the two. The study’s results also suggest that noise, but not air pollution, is more strongly associated with ischaemic stroke.
We vinden het super belangrijk al het relevante nieuws op een punt bij te houden, maar de inhoud is natuurlijk voor rekening van de oorspronkelijke schrijvers. Noise may have more indirect effects: it disturbs sleep and increases stress, which can raise blood pressure. The table feet sit on 4 Herbies Fat Grounding Bases, all of which sits on 2 inches of maple and 4 Mapleshade Isoblocks.
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