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We believe in honest legal help for everyone, tell us a little about what happened and we'll see how we can help you. MRH Solicitors have a specialist industrial disease department with a number of highly experienced Solicitors who have handled a wide range of complex occupational disease claims, ranging from noise induced hearing loss, vibration white finger, asbestos related illness claims to RSI (repetitive strain injury) claims. The department was established exclusively to assist clients and their families who had developed and suffered with illness and disease caused by their employment. The industrial disease department at MRH Solicitors is at present assisting clients from across England & Wales to recover damages (“compensation”) for a variety of occupational diseases. The specialist industrial disease Solicitors have access to first class resources to ensure that they are best placed to fight occupational disease claims on behalf of their clients. There are numerous types of illnesses and medical conditions associated with the work place and different occupations. Please click on any of the links above to find out more about these occupational conditions and about making a claim for such conditions. Our team has specialist expertise across a range of legal services offering individuals and businesses honest advice and support.
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There are a number of common causes of hearing loss, some which may be temporary blockages or abnormal growths, while others lead to permanent impairment because irreversible hearing damage has occurred. It is crucial to recognise the differences rather than ignore the symptoms under the misapprehension that it’s probably due to a build-up of earwax!

To understand the vital difference it’s important to know the basic mechanism of how the ear works. Vibrating air molecules enter the outer ear and travel through the ear canal to activate the eardrum and the attached tiny bones in the middle ear.
Long-term exposure to continuous excessive loud noise is the chief cause of noise induced hearing loss, most commonly found in the workplace, and known as industrial deafness.
A sudden excessively loud noise – known as ‘acoustic trauma’ –creates a powerful sound wave which can rupture an eardrum or damage the inner ear.
Other known types of physical damage result from severe head damage or trauma, which can dislocate middle-ear bones or cause nerve damage to cause permanent hearing loss, sudden changes in pressure when flying or water diving.
Blockage of the ear canal are most commonly the build up of ear wax but can include noncancerous growths and tumours can grow in the inner ear. Some medicines are known to cause hearing loss as a potential side effect, which may include regular use of aspirin, types of antibiotics and cancer drugs. Types of chronic diseases can cause hearing loss by interrupting blood flow to the inner ear or the brain, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Hearing weakens as a natural part of the aging process due to the progressive loss of inner-ear hair cells.
The department has gone from strength to strength over the years and now has a number of specialist Solicitors with specific experience in dealing with the most complex instances of industrial and occupational disease litigation. The majority of claims for industrial disease will require input from experts in various fields including medical experts, care experts and engineering experts.

There are numerous other work related conditions not listed above where compensation can be recovered. A list of the Directors of the Company is available for inspection at the registered office.
The vibrations are relayed to fluid in the cochlea located in the inner ear where microscopic hairs send nerve signals via the auditory nerve to the brain where they are decoded into recognisable sounds. Over a period of time, the microscopic hairs in the cochlea of the inner ear are no longer able to function under the constant excessive bombardment and are permanently damaged. Conditions such as tinnitus, heard as a ringing, whistling or rushing in the ears can be the prolonged after effect – from hours or weeks to permanently – is typically caused by exposure to excessive noise levels at rock music venues, as well as constant exposure to noisy machinery, tools or vehicles within the workplace.
MRH Solicitors routinely instructs the leading experts in their fields to provide expert evidence to assist in the claims process.
If you have been diagnosed with a condition that may be work related but it is not mentioned on the website, then please contact the MRH Solicitors industrial disease team on 01204 535 333 or fill out our online form to submit your query online for our team to call you within 24 hours.
At any stage in the journey, if pathways are blocked or parts damaged, loss of hearing will be the result.
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