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It is important that people know the damage that can be done when they expose themselves to noises over 85 dBs. With all of the new technology that exists in our world today, people should know what the damage can be when these technologies are wrongly used. Kayla Perry is an undergraduate student in the Speech Science Program at Assumption College in Worcester MA. Applying to Grad School for Speech Language Pathology: How Do I Get My Application to Stand Out? Welcome to The School Speech Therapist This site provides information on speech and language development and remediation, for parents, teachers and administrators. People with long-term exposure to loud noise at work or in leisure activities may be at increased risk of heart disease, a U.S. Researchers found the strongest link in working-age people with high-frequency hearing loss, which is typically the result of chronic noise exposure.
Past research has already linked noise exposure, especially in workplaces, to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other illnesses, Gan and his colleagues write in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
High-frequency hearing loss, the researchers say, is a better indicator of exposure to loud noise over time.
To investigate the connection with heart disease, the researchers looked at data on 5,223 participants in national health surveys between 1999 and 2004. Overall, people with high-frequency hearing loss in both ears were about twice as likely to have coronary heart disease compared to those with normal high-frequency hearing.

There was no link to heart disease among people with one-sided hearing loss or loss of lower-frequency hearing, the study team notes, further supporting the idea that noise exposure is the culprit. The study only looked at people at one time point, however, and cannot prove that noise or hearing loss are direct causes of heart disease.
Nonetheless, Gan said, accumulating evidence suggests that exposure to loud noise can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.
Gan advises people to eliminate or reduce excessive noise exposure in the home and workplace. We have learned about a variety of forms of hearing loss and there is one that really stands out to me.
With Better Speech and Hearing Month, as well as our school concert quickly approaching, it is important for the NSSLHA chapter at Assumption College to spread awareness of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
The college student equivalent of ASHA The American Speech Hearing and Language Association. A $500,000 contract has been awarded under the Occupational Health and Safety Research Portfolio, which is an initiative funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation, the Department of Labour and the Health Research Council. But many of these studies lacked individual information about actual noise exposure, relying instead on average decibel levels in the person's environment. Among those age 50 and under, who were also most likely to be exposed to loud noise at work, the heart disease risk was increased four-fold. The researchers also acknowledge that they relied on study participants' own recollections about their work and leisure-time noise exposure.

The study is part of a programme of work focused on noise-induced hearing loss.The ACC reports a steady increase in the number of claims for noise induced-hearing loss, a permanent form of hearing loss that occurs because of exposure to intense sound. More specifically, noise induced hearing loss creates damage to the outer hair cells that line the cochlea. The latest statistics from ACC for the 2004-2005 financial year showed there had been more than 4000 successful claims in that period. The ACC reports that despite knowledge of effective controls and guidelines, the prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss shows no sign of decreasing.The organisations working to combat the problem anticipate that the cost to ACC will continue to escalate dramatically unless there is a big shift in the effectiveness of current interventions. The NSSLHA chapter at Assumption College has taken on the responsibility of spreading awareness of noise induced hearing loss around campus. Some of the precautions that are recommended to people are to lower the volume on personal ear buds and to take occasional breaks when using ear buds. Using these precautions can help preserve ones hearing and reduce the risk of having noise induced hearing loss.

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