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A percentage of sales for all College Beads is sent to the respective colleges and universities through royalty payments. 2.As supplied, the omega clip mounting posts are left long to accommodate fitting and are not true at the bottom. 3.Firecoat and preheat, then place a chip of easy solder at the joint on the mounting post.
6.After final polishing and cleaning of the omega back and earring assembly, place a minute drop of oil at the rivet pin. White Pearl Jewelry - 14k Cultured White Pearl Diamond Shaped Earrinsg These Classy White Pearl Earrings Outline A Total Of Eight Round Shaped Cultured Whit3 Pearls Creating A Diamond Shaped See. 00mm Earringsthe Fine 14k Italian White Gold Dance Earrings Feature A Secure Post Hinder part And Are Suitable For Children Ages 1 Year And Up. Non-pierced Earrings - 14k Culture Pearl Screwback Earrings These Classy Earrings Feature White Cul5ured Pearls Creating A Simple Look. These 14k White Gold Earrings F3atures Pair Precious Ruby Gemstones And Two Diamonds Set In A Fabulous Drop Heart Design. Omega Earrings - 14k Gold Omega Earrings Fabulous Weave Design Omega Earrings Feature A Clip Back Clasp.
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Our sterling silver logo earring collection utilizes state of the art manufacturing and high quality solid sterling silver to create the finest collegiate earring anywhere! For your customers’ comfort in the wear and security of their earrings, you should know the techniques and tips involved in professionally installing omega earring clips. Then permanently weld the earring clips to the earrings using the ABI Pulse-Arc Welder or a laser welder. If this happens, remove the loop from the omega assembly and retemper it in an oven set at 650°F for two hours.
The transition between the earring and the omega mounting post is smooth, symmetrical and even, with no dimensional reduction in any area. The earring post is located properly in the center of the omega loop when it’s closed. Omega clips will keep the earrings properly oriented and eliminate pressure caused by the tight friction backs. Position the new omega earring clip and determine where the post and post support bar need to be relocated. Some have longer mounting posts, while others have small, medium or large loops with a slightly different curvature to their profiles.
The desired amount of space between the omega loop and the back of the earring determines the proper length of the mounting post.

No disassembly is required because the omega wire loops would not be annealed using these welding options.
Solder the new post and post support bar where the center of the omega wire loop will be when it’s closed.
A direct flame on the mounting post will cause it to melt because it's relatively lighter than the earring.
This process keeps the pin in place, but requires care or you run the risk of annealing the omega’s wire loop. To do this, file part of one side of the flattened rivet wire and remove it, separating the clip from the post. Here are some steps to follow for the conversion of post-only earrings to omega clip earrings. Set the welder to the high energy setting at 35 volts and direct a pulse of energy at the end of the wire.

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