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A must do when in Dubai is to spend a few hours, or day depending on your shopping habit, at the gold souk. This collection is perfect as a bridal and party wear and is sure to turn heads towards you if you wear one.
I can not agree more with this statement because I just love to do jewelry shopping every now and then. The continuous urge to do something new has lead the human race to discover new and better things. Marble necklaces from Rillrilljewelry are a perfect example of this, where MARBLE which is used in constructing and beautifying homes has been turned into a necklace which would now be used to adorn and beautify humans.
These necklaces have very simple geometric shapes like circular, triangular but still there is something very unique and exciting about them.
Lucie Veilleux who loves to play with papers, crayons, paint, glue, whatever could get my hands dirty makes beautiful jewelry. Her jewelry is inspired by some small and big things we see in our daily life, some we can hold in our hands while others we cannot and just imagine.
Here is a glimpse of the jewelry she designed out of her imagination, like wearing a moon ring or an unusual dual stone ring. Get the best blue topaz tennis bracelet for your wedding or anniversaries from the SunJewelry Company.
The bracelets are a lovely kind of jewelry which are worn on the hand not only by women but also men. Illuminating Fluid with Argan Oil, it makes hair manageable, detangling, silky and splendid like gold. The style of jewellery that comes from East Asia is very unique in that it has a certain style and elegance about it. Amrapali Jewels is one of the most renowned Indian jewellery lines in the history of Indian jewellery.
Buyers can also visit their luxurious shops as they have branches all over India and even internationally, in places like the UK, USA, Spain, Nigeria and China. When I was initially searching for places to buy Indian Jewellery online, I found that India Trend was popping up quite a bit. I found myself in a Narnia of beautiful and elegant jewellery inspired by the glitz and glam of Bollywood.
Another aspect which drew me toward India Trend was the range of products they had available.

Of course, all these aspects are great, but I wanted to know whether India Trend was somewhere where the working class can afford to buy their jewellery. Their jewellery collection may not be the ‘typical’ Indian jewellery that you and I are used to seeing, but I really think that they’re bring a new trend to Indian fashion with showing different ways to incorporate these designs within Indian fashion wear. Another aspect of Annie and Amrita that caught my eye and gave me more insight into the ethos of their company is the fact that they donate 20-50% of their profit to charity. Saana’s is a British based company originating from the heart of England, in Birmingham offering a wide variety of traditional Indian style jewellery. Their jewellery is elegant, sophisticated and if you’re getting married or have a wedding or function to attend, visit their site to see what they can offer you and your taste in jewellery.
Hello :)Bloggers about all things wedding related: the beautiful, sparkly, quirky, elegant, fashionable & fun! You can get A.Mazing pieces on the (somewhat) cheap if you have some serious haggling skills. I buy both fashion jewelry and semi-precious one depending upon the dress I want to pair it with. Ideal for eliminating frizz and preventing split ends, fighting the formation of free radicals. For centuries, Indian jewels have been molded into beautiful pieces of decoration for women (and men) to wear.
Influenced heavily from the Rajasthani culture, they have won over 10 awards for their creativity, craftsmanship and much more. These earrings have been modelled by Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor, as she wears them to an event.
Yes, I know it’s not a massive trend at the moment for men to wear jewellery, but to be honest, I really think it’s a cool idea. Whether it was on Google, Facebook or Instagram, it seemed to be quite popular, so I thought I’d check it out.
Take the picture above for example; this piece is similar to what was worn by fashionista, Sonam Kapoor on the ramp, and the great thing is, that it’s all available at my fingertips!
From toe rings to bridal sets, they practically have it all, not to mention they also have other accessories like bags. And, you’ll be happy to know that the prices are very affordable, with the bonus of free delivery worldwide! Like these anklets, they’re not conventionally sparkly or rustic, but they show a different personality and a different aspect to Indian culture, which I find very unique.

They have countless pictures on Facebook, Instagram and on their website showing a collection of ideas, perhaps what they had in mind when they designed the jewellery. Mainly catering towards weddings and special events, it’s a popular place for brides to shop with their bridesmaids. And to be honest, as I looked through what they had to offer online for the bridal collection, I was gobsmacked. I feel they can add lot of charm to any ordinary dress even if you don’t wear any necklace or any other accompanying jewellery with them. Where once upon a time the people of India would wear heavily decorated jewellery on a daily basis, it’s now a common tradition to wear extravagant jewellery on certain occasions. Better yet, they have extended their reach internationally, with celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood indulging in their jewellery.
If you’re getting married soon, you’ll be glad to know that they also have gift boxes available. I was very impressed by their innovative ways of displaying their jewellery on Facebook and Instagram. So guys, if you’re ever stuck and don’t know where to spend your money, take this factor into consideration when making your decision! They seem ideal for mehndi ceremony if you want to go light, or even to keep in your collection of earrings. And even more recently it’s been made easier to purchase Indian style jewellery with online shopping.
When I paid a visit to their online store, I was expecting designer prices, but was happy to see that they had a great collection of jewellery with great prices that I would be willing to pay! This necklace is beautiful, we may all agree on that, but then they’ve taken a further step and matched a bright pink lippy from Bobby Brown with it. The best thing is that they’re so reasonably priced, so you can splurge a little to build up your collection. From colours right to the design, they’ll probably have something that looks like it was made for your outfit.

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