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Being obsessed with post, I’ve managed to collect quite a lot of amazing stamps over the years.
Once it’s clean off, use some kitchen roll to gently blot off excess water then leave it for 20-30 mins to dry out completely.
To give the stamp a sturdy backing, I’ve used some oven bake clay (Sculpey, but Fimo is also great).
If you’re planning to turn your stamp into a necklace, remember to add a hole into the two parts now.
Next, pop it in the oven and bake it for the recommended period of time (I think mine was 20 mins at 130 degrees celsius) Remember to give it 10 minutes to cool before you continue or risk burnt fingers!
Attach your stamp to the backing using a thin layer of white glue (I used Mod Podge) and make sure to press it down so there’s no bubbles mis-shaping it. Once it’s dried, add a couple of layers of glue over the top of the stamp to protect it from the elements.
Once the white glue has all dried and gone clear, super glue on a brooch backing and leave it to harden…. Filed Under: DIY About missVVicky Viola is a designer and blogger based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Products from Vivid Please have been featured in Italian Vogue, Biba Magazine, Goodie Goodness, Stylist Magazine, Storenvy, Uncovet and Refinery29, with awards from Blog & Buy Sale and Confessions Of A Design Geek and Cut Out And Keep.
Viewing the world through wing-tipped specs, Vicky's passionate about sharing her unique inspiration and insights with the belief that it you don't need to follow the trends to get ahead in life! Some I’ve picked up locally, some from markets in Paris, and most recently, a lovely little collection were sent to me from far far away. Over the past 4 years she has established Vivid Please, an illustration and design company that brings her illustrations into life by transforming trivial products into playful necessities with a sense of humor. Vicky's DIY tutorials have been featured by Mollie Makes Magazine, Vintage Life Magazine, Nido Magazine, Homespun Magazine, Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy. Another good way to remove stamps from paper without damaging them is to use steam, that is what we did in my stamp collecting club in elementary school. But it’s so sad to keep them hidden away in a little box, so today I decided to create a little diy that turns them into jewellery. I wonder if I covered my whole coat in these and jumped in the back of a post van they’d take me on holiday?… A girl can dream!! With a dedication to unique style, her creative talents have cultivated many  popular DIYs and quirky outfit posts, all with a retro twist, naturally!

Brands she has worked with include Joules, Laidbare, Projecto, Cable and Cotton and Firmoo.
I used to collect them, following my mum’s old collection, but I got fed up with buying packs and them all being duplicates. I saw some I Love Lucy stamps on ebay that I would totally love to add to my collection, but it’s so funny that they cost so much to post! My stamp collection is usually kept in a little draw, never thought of wearing one (or more) until now. Try gently coaxing the stamp off the paper, but if it’s resisting give it another few minutes.
New Zealand Post brought out two sets of Hobbit stamps with the movies, one set in 2012 and one in 2013.

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