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If you've noticed that when you ask your kids to do something in the two or three days after they attend a big rock concert they don't seem to hear you, they may not be just being adolescents and pretending not to hear you. A trial for the treatment of acute tinnitus (symptoms started within the last 5 ? months), is being held in the UK by Auris Medical for eligible tinnitus sufferers. Auris have supplied answers to some key questions you may have about the study, and for more information please get in touch directly with the team running the study here. A clinical trial with the new study drug AM?101 for the treatment of acute inner ear tinnitus is currently under way in hospitals and ENT clinics in the UK and other European countries. A tinnitus in the inner ear is a possible consequence of an acoustic trauma, barotrauma, operation on the middle ear, traumatic perforation of the eardrum or middle ear inflammation.
This clinical trial will investigate the efficacy of the drug AM?101 in the treatment of acute inner ear tinnitus. In an outpatient procedure, following the administration of a local anaesthetic to the eardrum, the preparation will be injected into the middle ear, from where it then passes into the inner ear. The local administration of AM?101 allows targeted treatment of the inner ear with relatively small quantities of the active ingredient.
Shortly after obtaining her Master of Public Health degree, she began her career at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Additional data will also be recorded about the safety and tolerability of the use of AM?101. Juliette now lives in Europe, where she launched ServingMed(.)com, a small medical writing and editing business for health professionals all over the world. While the tinnitus often disappears again within a short period, in some cases it can persist stubbornly and become a considerable annoyance for sufferers. The administration into the ear ensures that most of the active ingredient reaches the intended site of action.
Compliance with these guidelines will be strictly monitored by authorities and ethics committees. Since the chances of a cure for this type of permanent tinnitus are very low, attempts are being made to treat the tinnitus at an early stage, focusing on the inner ear. This also means that clinical studies usually have to include a comparison with a standard treatment or placebo. Loudness is usually measured using the decibel scale, which like the Richter scale used to measure the strength of earthquakes is kind of non-intuitive, because the scales are logarithmic.
This means that with each increase of 10 on the scale, the amplitude (or in this case the loudness) does not go up by a small factor, it doubles.

Thus if the sound of normal speech is rated at 65 decibels, the sound of a normal washing machine at 75 decibels is twice as loud. Now think about that rock concert, the average decibel rating for which is 115 decibels ? ten times louder than the sound of normal speech. Estimates say that by the year 2050 as many as 50 million Americans will have suffered hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud music. If you go along to find out for yourself what kinds of music they're listening to, wear a pair yourself.
The earplugs may not, in fact, be all that sexy, but if they save your hearing or that of your kids, they're worth it.

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