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After determining the gauge of your piercing you will want to determine the length needed, this can be tricky! NIPPLES - detailed info and pictures of piercings along with information on stretching nipple piercings to wear larger gauge jewelry. For those of you looking for care and healing information for piercings, I've reproduced a piercing aftercare sheet from Body Manipulations. Neither images nor written content may be reproduced elsewhere without express written permission. Ear plugs come in a set of standard sizes, so we’ll start with the basic sizes and how they fit.
The portion of the plug, taper, or tunnel that is this exact size will vary depending on the style of the piece, so now let’s cover the different common styles and what portion of each is measured for gauge and worn in the piercing. Other commonplace items for stretched ears include tunnels which are like a plug, but hollow on the inside. Spiral tapers can be difficult to size properly because of their shape, but this style will generally be measured at the widest portion of the curve, right before the smaller inside curl of the spiral. For more helpful jewelry sizing hints, check out the Jewelry Sizing category of the BodyCandy Blog. Hello there, I am buying my boyfriend wood tunnels for Christmas, but the sizing chart is a little off.
I was hoping to slightly gauge my ears but have tunnels for when I want to wear normal 18ga earrings, especially studs with just a post.

The wearable area seems to be what you’re looking for, this varies from plug to plug! It is incredibly important to size your jewelry before you buy it because the fact is no two people are pierced the same and once jewelry is opened from packaging it would be unsanitary to return or resell it.
The gauge is the thickness of the stem or ring (the part that goes through the piercing) It’s a good idea to ask your piercer what gauge needle was used or will be used for your piercing. When measuring posts people often make the mistake of including the end balls, stones or disks. When measuring the internal diameter you measure the distance inside the hoop or circular, not to the outer part of the ring.
This is also incredibly important because not only does the ball or stone need to fit the post you choose but it needs to be large enough so it doesn’t go into your piercing!
This is from the back of one of the releases that I got when being pierced at that establishment in 1992 here in San Francisco. You can determine the gauge of your jewelry by printing out our Measuring Chart and laying your current piece of jewelry on the different widths. The end pieces are not included in the this measurement, you should be measuring just the post or the barbell. When determining the size of the end piece you should choose one that fits the gauge of your barbell and is proportionate to the length of your jewelry.  Below are some of the end ball and stone sizes. What gauge would I need to allow for enough room in the interior for a conventional earring?

Thinner than 14ga on the body and you run the risk of the piercing slicing through the skin tissue.
I have tried massaging, vitamin e ointment and currently, I am able to fit the 00 single flare in, but not all the way.
By sizing the jewelry before you buy it you will save yourself the frustration of returning jewelry that doesn’t fit!
I have also just added a Piercing Frequently Asked Questions that covers a lot of the basic questions that people ask me. I would like to have all my body piecings enlarged to 10g, which I find to be a nice size for myself. I saw some really pretty ones I could wear to church and have a look of almost being normal. Although being catholic I do respect the church and won’t go out of my way to make nice old ladys uncomfortable.

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