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There are few basic facial piercings that everyone should know before doing holiday shopping for pierced family members.  They are the eyebrow piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing, labret, monroe, medusa, dimples, nostril (commonly referred to as just nose piercing), septum, and bridge.
I really want to get either snake bites or shark bites but I’m not sure if I would look good with them.
Lol omg i saw this girl with 3 piercings on the left side of her eyebrow not in the eye brow or cheek, nooo it was on the siiiiide on the siiiiide of her eyebrow but i dont know whats the name of it. Dermal anchors are held into the skin with an L shaped foot bar that has openings in it for the skin fibers to attach, making it the more permanent of the two.
What is a piercing called when you have a ‘Monroe’ and your bottom lip pierced on the same side? I’m 15 and i have my tongue, nose, bellybutton and lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too or would it hurt too much? I’m 15 and I have snake bites, at first for like maybe a week after i pierced them i had to tear my food up and put it in my mouth instead of biting the food, but after that i got used to it and its really easy now.
This was very helpful, I’ve been a piercing maniac since I was legally able to get it done by myself. I have tragus piercing in both ears and its just like getting the navel done there is a sharp pinch and then the pain is gone, but while the swelling goes down they are a bit uncomfortable to rest on. There are so many names for different types of lip piercing, but labret is kind of a broad-stroke term that encompasses pretty much all piercings of the lower lip. The tattoo shop I Go to for piercings refer to that as a Vertical Labret when its strait up (vertical) through the bottom lip.
I’m 15 and i have my tongue pierced, my nose pierced, my bellybutton pierced, two holes in my ears pierced, and my lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too? Hopefully my parental figure will take me to get Venom Bites on my tongue soon(I realize, this is a facial piercing page), but I want to get a reverse eyebrow- which this page says is called an Anti-Eyebrow(?), and canine bites really soon.
Im fourteen(female) and have a septum my mom doesnt know about ;D Bellybutton, three ear piercings on each side, and just a nostril piercing i took out thinking it looked weird with my septum barbel. From rockstars to advance men, metrosexuals to rurosexuals, brawny hunks to boys next door, ear piercings for men is no more off-limits. Ear Lobe Piercing: If you're going for piercing for the first time, go for this one as it is the most common type of ear piercing for guys. Helix Piercing: Unlike other types of piercings where a piercing gun can be used too, only a sterile needle can be used to pierce the helix, in the upper cartilage of the ear. Conch Piercing: Inner or outer, both ways, the piercing is done at the center of the ear cartilage. Industrial Piercing: This one's yet to become prominent among masses, as it calls for a lot of care, and takes at least a year to heal. Rook Piercing: It is done on the thick cartilage lying between the inner and the outer conch of the year, above the ear canal. Daith Piercing: It's the sassiest addition to the class of cool ear piercings, and indeed, complicated.
Maintain proper hygiene both prior to and post getting pierced as freshness renders an all new vigor to your new experience of getting pierced. With the growing acceptance of all things cannabis lately, the 20th of April will carry more of a reason for celebration than ever before. A 2014 article from Vice News has a bunch of interesting facts and research about this day and its origins if you feel like incorporating a little knowledge into your holiday this year.
One of my favorite tidbits from the article is the fact that the Denver, Colorado Interstate mile marker 420 has been stolen so many times that it was replaced with mile marker 419.99 to deter further theft.
Our stash plugs are the perfect way to keep your goods secure, and we even carry herb grinder plugs for easy rolling no matter where you might find yourself. We also carry a selection of weed-themed jewelry for those who haven’t delved into the vast world of body modification just yet, featuring fashion jewelry and accessories including the products featured in the image below.
One of the perks of using captive rings is that they are such a versatile option and can be worn in just about any type of piercing. Captive rings are easy to coordinate in multiple piercings and make the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe. The design of these circular rings is something to consider when figuring out how to best accentuate your piercing. Captives are most commonly found in two forms: the ball, or bead, captive ring and the segment ring. Other options that vary slightly from the commonly found segment and bead captive rings are closure rings and dangle captive rings.
Although this type of captive ring is still considered a bead or ball captive ring, dangle BCRs have a dangling charm or design that is either part of the closure piece itself or is a separate piece on the circular barbell. Many choose this style for piercings of the ear or nipple piercings since the dangling portion can end up getting in the way in other locations. The combination of segment rings and bead captive rings comes together to create the closure ring. Now that you’ve completed our crash course in everything you need to know about captive rings, it’s time to pick out a style of your own! Upgrade to the next level in nipple piercing jewelry with one of the most exclusive and hottest trends available right now: universal nipple rings. If you’re feeling the love, you might enjoy the filigree heart design featured on some of our universal nipple rings. No matter your style, you’re covered with the bold designs available for universal nipple rings. Check out this happy customer showing off their pair of new Clear Gem Black PVD Barbell Filigree Heart Universal Nipple Rings!
Septum clickers, the most popular type of jewelry worn in a septum piercing, are beautifully unique pieces of jewelry. Stefanie’s initial jewelry choice is unique in that it sits inside the nostril, making it easier to hide for her to hide at work if need be.

In your search for septum jewelry, you will probably come across septum clickers the most often.
In addition to septum clickers, however, a few other pieces of body jewelry can be worn in a septum piercing. Circular barbells or captive rings (aka BCR or CBR) can be worn comfortably in a septum piercing. The septum is the anatomical name for the piece of flesh that divides the nasal cavities or nostrils. Many people find that they cannot openly wear a piece of jewelry on their face due to work, school, or other circumstances. Typically the piercer will clean and mark the area with a line going across the underside of the tip of the nose to ensure a straight piercing.
In this post, we’ll talk about the trend that has really run away like a freight train, and the non-pierced alternatives: septum clickers.
While the number of people with pierced ears is high, only about 19% have their nose pierced (the stats don’t differentiate between a nostril piercing and septum piercing; while the nostril piercing is currently more common than a septum piercing, by what percentage?
Thanks to a new batch of non-pierced septum rings and hangers, it’s possibly the easiest thing in the universe to replicate the style of your modified chums.
Both have the same general aesthetic results but the base that holds them into the dermis is different. Removal is difficult, but not impossible, and most people cant tell they were ever there if done right.
I’ve had several gauges and ear piercings (cartilage too), nipples, tongue web, and smiley.
But anywho, I was wondering if there was a name for what I had- I have my bottom lip pierced on my left side, and then I had a Monroe on my right…? And the bottom lip piercing I did when I was 13- there is no way in Hell I’m getting rid of it after 4 years.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE body modification, I have angel bites and gauges, but I plan on getting canine bites and etc etc.
The lobe is punctured, and either a barbell or a stud is an appropriate choice to adorn it. Since it is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, it takes lesser time to heal in comparison to a tragus piercing. It is done in the upper cartilage of the ear, and a single piercing is made to pass through two holes. It is somewhat painful as the needle passes through the thick cartilage, and may take up to a year to heal. It is primarily done in the outer rim of the cartilage of the ear, which lies closest to the head.
However, make sure you have a high level of tolerance for the pain (apologies for terrifying you!). Just keep a note of the points under ear piercing aftercare, and I'm sure you'll enjoy changing studs and earrings every once in a while. Check out our 0 gauge pipe talon taper (it’s the blue Sherlock-like piece in the above image) made from unobtanium borosilicate glass for the perfect piece to add to your stash. A selection of our logo inlay jewelry features the ability to glow, which only adds to the righteous style you’ll gain from wearing it. Additionally, a lot of our jewelry with rasta colors and marijuana leaf designs are currently a part of our clearance section for an easily affordable celebration. Some popular sites that captives can be used for include septum piercings, nostril piercings, lip piercings (including labret), eyebrow piercings, belly piercings, nipple piercings, and several piercings of the ear (orbital, helix, conch, rook, snug, tragus, anti-tragus, daith, and lobe). Additionally, because of their closed shape and rounded edges, these rings do not easily snag on clothing, hair, or furniture, making them a popular choice for piercings which are still healing.
Captive jewelry is most commonly crafted from a metal ring (surgical grade stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, titanium, etc.) and a ball or bead made of either similar materials or decorated with extra flair from sparkling crystals, lightweight acrylic, or natural stone. Segment rings are very similar to BCRs, but they close with a piece (segment) that provides the illusion of a seamless ring without an opening. Although these are usually grouped together with either the former or latter styles, this type of captive ring has endless possibilities for style thanks to the charms and designs that snap into place to cover the gap of the ring or that stay in place through tension, much like the bead or ball captives. This versatile piercing decor is super easy to use; all you have to do is turn the rotating barbell and you can wear this body jewelry horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally! Swarovski crystals are used in a selection of our available universal nipple rings so you can get your glam on.
This new and user-friendly option for accentuating your nipple piercing is flying off the shelves, so make sure you have the coolest new body jewelry to rock and pick out yours today. The goddess-like quality implied by the piercing itself is testament enough to its beauty, but that’s not all.
Then he uses his fingers to find the placement of the holes for the piercing on the inside of the nostril, and marks it. More often than not, your eyes will water with a septum piercing, as you can see in the video.
Initial jewelry is typically a circular barbell or a retainer measuring at 14 or 12 gauge (16 gauge at a minimum).
Their rounded shape and ball closure provide a bit of a different look than septum clickers. With these guys, you will simply screw off the ball at one end to insert the jewelry into your septum piercing. The diameter you choose to wear is all up to your taste in aesthetics and what your body will allow. Many people find these are easier to put in than a bcr and they come in a massive variety of materials, colors, and designs.

Then clamps with open loop ends will be applied inside the nasal cavity to hold the area steady and improve the accuracy of the needle as it passes through the clamps and septum. Soreness is very common during healing and as it heals you may find your new piercing has a particular smell to it. Using the imitation septum ring is as easy as stretching the piece as wide as necessary to insert, then pressing the ends gently together to create a comfortable fit.
Got an (illegal) tattoo but apparently another piercing is just too bothersome right now- people these days! Just so you know, the art of piercing among men has been predominant for thousands of years now, and the Holy Bible has a reference to ear piercing too. Guys who're audacious enough can go for this one as it is meticulously done on the cartilage flap, and looks simply awesome. Therefore, I'll conclude my piece of information on men's ear piercings, and would suggest you to 'pierce' the boring stuff, thereby, introducing that vogue in your style!
There are a lot of myths surrounding the origins of this holiday, which isn’t too surprising since some weed enthusiasts are known to have difficulties remembering the time to get the pizza out of the oven. This type of jewelry is also worn in less common body piercings such as surface piercings, corset piercings, eyelid piercings, and any piercings of tissues inside the mouth. That opening allows for the ring to be easily inserted into a wide variety of piercings before securing the jewelry by closing the opening when the captive piece is put in its place.
Generally, the materials used with this type of body jewelry are the same as with BCRs, but surgical grade stainless steel and hypo-allergenic metals are the primary materials used with segment rings. The most exciting part about these designs is that you can adjust the decoration to fit your piercing. Other jewelry commonly worn in a septum piercing: captive bead rings and horseshoe circular barbells.
From basic horseshoe circular barbells, to elaborate designs and sparkling 14KT gold rings. Next a clamp is used to hold the skin in place, and James checks to make sure the holes align on both sides of the septum. The sweet spot is a soft, membranous bit of tissue just below the cartilage and above the skin. After the needles is passed through the piercer will follow the needle out with the desired piece of jewelry and then clean the area again. And not just the lobes, but tragus, cartilage, and daith rounding out some of the other areas where ears tend to attract holes. So what’s an otherwise cool individual supposed to do if he or she wants to rock the look and avoid any long-term consequences? And with metals ranging from silvery stainless steel to warm rose gold IP – bejeweled or unadorned – stealing the look also has options for just about anyone. Also i feel like it may get annoying, or in the way, like with eating or kissing or whatever?
Today, ear piercing is looked upon as a fashionable and trendy accessory that makes a personal statement, and not as some amulet to shove away monsters or Satan!
A deep breath in helps Frank to relax, and James then pushes the needle through, using the open ends of the clamps to guide it. Likewise, the story itself is nothing short of what you would expect from the celebration considered the Oktoberfest for potheads. Additionally, BCRs come in the standard spherical ring design or can even have dangling detail for some fun ways to express yourself.
No matter how your nipple is pierced, you can count on these universal nipple rings to bring you the high style you deserve to flaunt. The open end allows the jewelry to be flipped upwards into the nasal cavity for easy concealment. Some of the other popular piercing spots are the belly and nose, both of which require a little bit of commitment to maintain (not to mention the pain factor when it comes to actually getting the piercing).
Added bonus: giving the not-as-open-minded relative a minor shock, which never, ever gets old. Many male hip-hop artists have as many as ten to fifteen piercings which they accessorize differently. A cork is secured to the end of the needle as James slides it the rest of the way out, so that a septum retainer can be inserted behind it. You can locate it if you reach up into both nostrils with your fingers and gently press them together, you should be able to find a section of skin that feels thinner. If you are lucky enough to be able to sport a septum piercing openly, a curved barbell (horseshoe) or captive ring (bcr) is a good first choice. The feeling is similar to a pinching sensation which will commonly cause tearing or watering of the eyes. No pain, no needles, no messy break-up when it’s apparent the relationship just isn’t working. Over the years, ear piercings for guys have become a state-of-the-art acclamation with various styles of piercings being done at various locations on the ear. This piercing is usually done at a 14 or 12 gauge, but can be done minimally at 16 gauge and conversely at a 10 gauge maximum on larger anatomy.
Also if i were to get one, i cant decide if it would be one, or two (why i keep referring to both snake and spider).

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