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Capes, cloaks, rings, and earrings all fall under the general Accoutrements heading, and benefit the wearer through increases in magickal defense of various kinds, from elemental defense to status effect resistance. From an industry whose apogee is an acceptance speech of sentimental blather, there is an old, fondly persistent cliche that says the camera has favorites. The thing I was most often told about Keira Knightley was that the camera worshiped her, loved her to distraction. She already has the practiced and teasing trick of deflecting and pre-empting inquiry by asking me questions.
There are quite a lot of things that Knightley has missed out on since being married off to a camera so young. We leave the restaurant by different routes, I through the front door, she through the kitchen and down into the basement garage, where a darkened limousine waits to speed Knightley past the flock of photographers.
Beauty Note: For eyes as expressive as Knightley?s, apply Lancome?s Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner in Noir, Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony and Colour Focus in Darkroom.
It moped inside when it wasn't filled with her, but its clockwork heart went tic-a-tic-a-tic when it had Knightley in its gate.

It flings itself out of windows and over furniture and through walls just to be close to her.
Nice smiles are God's consolation for plain faces, except of course that Knightley has a very lovely, utterly unpugilistic, melting smile that makes her look very young. As we stand making our farewells, I notice that the whole room has fallen silent, stopped midmouthful. Tiffany & Company Swing Diamond Necklace with Pave Diamond Heart Bracelet, and Lace Diamond Brooch (all attached).
When she's not there, it frantically rushes around whimpering, sliding off the rest of the cast in anticipation, and when it finally gets her on the sofa or backs her into a corner, it just licks her all over, in an ecstasy of devotion. James's in London, the maitre d' gives me a disapproving look and whispers that she has already been there for two whole minutes.
And then I take a proper look at her, and it comes as a bit of a shock - she is radiantly beautiful.
It lays to rest that other Hollywood shibboleth: if the camera loves you, then the script is probably not talking to you.

In my mind, a 15-year-old girl is abducted and raped by a oldier, and her family pays him to marry her. Both her parents work in the theater, and she has the movie star's touching reverence for stage acting. A camera doesn't love your face any more than a bicycle seat loves your bottom or the washing machine despises your underwear.
I'd been girded for pretty, young, handsome, sexy, attractive, nubile, lithesome, toothsome even - and the face has all that - but all of it is concocted to a recipe that is really, rarely singularly beautiful.
Acting has been a cram course for Knightley, all of it done, unforgivingly, in close-up, 20 feet by 10 feet, in public. With the couples, the waiters, the barmen, the coat check, the flower display, the bottles, the tables and the chairs all staring at Knightley with little, soppy, blissed-out smiles, it's like being out with Snow White.

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