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If for some reason he starts pulling at his ears and seems to be in pain again, we will make an appointment to see the chiropractor.
Listen to your Mommy Instinct. We tend to try natural methods first, and talk about those with our doctor. My midwife had a child with reoccurring ear infections and she used belladona and kali bichromaicum (one for left ear and one for right, but cannot remember which) It stops the pain immediately! We never had ear infections growing up, so when my husband came home with a sever ear-ache, (out in the cold wind all day with no hat) I wasn’t sure what do to. How exactly do you use breast milk as a curative, I see it listed here, but just curious do you rub around the ear?
I have a very deviated spetum and it causes bad ear infections if I get out in the wind with no ear muffs… When I first started learning about natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals a friend of mine reccomended grapefruit seed extract oil, and it was amazing! Instead of peppermint oil, you can also use lemon oil (but you have to be careful since it is photosensitive), lavender, and we’ve used Melrose. In general terms otitis externa (commonly called  swimmers ear) is an inflammation of the skin of the auditory canal.
In order to understand otitis externa, understanding the anatomy and physiology of the external auditory canal is important. The external auditory canal is comprised of cartilaginous and bony segments.  The skin covering the external cartilaginous component is thick, hair bearing and produces cerumen (wax), with cerumen acting as both a waterproofing  as well as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.
Note the severe swelling causing occlusion of the external auditory canal, with only a minimal degree of discharge seen. Fungi are responsible for approximately 10% of cases with Aspergillus species the most prominent.
Post treatment fungal colonisation and chronic fungal otitis externa are not uncommon entities. Correct diagnosis: especially in children there is a often a difficulty in determining whether a presentation of otalgia is the result of otitis externa or of the more common acute otitis media, especially if this is associated with a tympanic membrane perforation.
Ear toilet: the commonest cause of treatment failure is inability to apply topical therapy. Severe swelling of the canal: Oral antibiotics and a short course oral steroids can allow initial resolution of swelling then allowing topical therapy to be more effective. Referral for microscopic toilet: this allows effective removal of debris and purulent discharge. Insertion of a wick: a self expanding wick inserted into a narrowed canal allows delivery of topical therapy with continuous exposure to the antimicrobial agent.
Malignant otitis externa (skull base osteomyelitis): essentially isolated to the immunocompromised. Water precautions: for those prone to recurrent infections the use of cotton wool with Vaseline in the bath and shower, and fitted ear plugs for swimming.

Simple intermittent use of olive oil drops can be very useful for minimising wax buildup, dryness and itching. Ear Infection are one of the most common reasons parents take their children to the doctor.
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Although six months ago, I thought essential oils were for crazy people, I have seen them work and am amazed every time. Have I told you how much I love these oils? He woke up again sometime during the night and I applied everything again. This morning he was awake and as happy as a lark. We have also used colloidal silver and breastmilk to treat ear infections in the past. You can take Colloidal Silver either internally or put a few drops in the ears.
Usually, a slight adjustment is all that’s needed to help the ear drain and heal from the infection.
If we see no improvement, we let her know and we proceed with antibiotics {with a probiotic}. I have 5 kiddos and never need antibiotics for an ear infections – garlic oil or colloidal silver work wonders!
I had horrible ear infections as a child and I remember my father putting drops of sweet pea oil in my ears and blowing candle smoke too. I am so sorry your holidays were filled with doctor visits and getting prescriptions filled, Nicole. I majorly dilute the peppermint, because it is a hot oil, and the smell isn’t that strong.
This is usually a primary infection, but can occur as the result of discharge from the middle ear.
Whilst most OE is generalised less commonly a furuncle can form in association with a hair follicle. Without access to a suction device and a microscope, the use of a cotton wool ball fashioned into a spear can allow removal of a degree of discharge from the ear canal.
The important components of this therapy are the acidity and anti-inflammatory components as well their the anti-microbial activity. The use of topical steroids and resolution of the infection are critical but systemic use of NSAIDs and paractemol is also important. The fact that pseudomonas represents the commonest bacterial cause of OE does represent problems in selecting an appropriate agent, given that oral ciprofloxacin is problematic in the paediatric setting.
It also allows exclusion of the presence of a foreign body (always a consideration in children). This is usually removed at 48-72 hours.Another option for difficult cases is the instillation of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory ointments to fill the canal under direct microscopic guidance. When retained water is suspected, the intermittent use of a alcohol based drop such as Swimmers ear drops is useful.

Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis (including that to components of topical therapy) , psoriasis amongst others should always be considered. If it seems like a really painful ear infection, I’ll alternate the garlic oil and colloidal silver.
Then after Christmas we had to go back because he had a fever all weekend and a right ear infection (he’s 10 months).
One thing that made me a bit nervous was recommending the use of Peppermint oil, especially around a child’s head. If you are confident that the tympanic membrane is intact, sofradex is the first line therapy. Topical steroids are often indicated and the use of hypoallergenic skin and hair products recommended. I was even scheduled to have tubes put in my ears because the doctors couldn’t get my ear infections to go away.
The ear infection is healing on its own, which many times they will do without antibiotics. The link you posted says to not use on babies or young children & when I was researching last year, I emailed YL and they told me it was because the babies lungs are not developed enough to be inhaling such a potent oil and it could be harmful to their little lungs.
Ideally therefore microscopic toilet with a suction aspirator is required, and this may be needed every couple of days. A ciprofloxacin based drop should be used when a tympanic membrane perforation is a possibility. And now we find out that he’s allergic slightly to penicillin (in the antibiotic, amox. I often tell my friends that I wish my kids had a button that would tell me exactly what was wrong.
I actually forgot about it this time, but I have used breastmillk with my other children to heal ear infections, stuffy noses (instead of saline solution), you can use it for pink eye, and even scratches. My older son had tubes put in because he had severe double ear infections, I wish so badly I knew what I know now so I didn’t have to put him on rounds of antibiotics every 6 weeks for the first 3 years of his life. Mainly because we use it for everything and I buy the gallon tubs from Tropical Traditions. Between the colloidal silver and Young Living’s essential oils, that usually clears it right up. Then I put two drops of Melrose (you can also use Lavender or Lemon especially for children) in the palm of one hand and use my other hand to apply it to the outside of his ear. I then put a drop of lemon essential oil in my palm and used my other hand to apply the lemon behind his ear and down his neck.

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