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Spending a lot of time in the water will ensure several things; great cardiovascular health, muscle endurance, and lots of fun.
Ohana Hearing Care, who has been servicing Hawaii since 1966, offers a customized ear plug for swimmers, surfers, paddlers, and nearly anyone in the water.
Rather than waiting until a hearing problem develops, prevention is as simple as making the call.
Due to the ability to actively practice these sports year-round here in Hawaii, people log some serious hours on the waves.
But one of the negative aspects of being in the water so much, is the possibility for negative effects to your hearing.

Swimmers, surfers, and paddlers of all ages should do their best to ensure they continue to live, swim, and surf, with the best hearing they can have. So we here at HI Surf News decided to take a look at something that many deal with, but few talk about, and help to spread a little information.
But in doing so, learned quickly that preventing any form of hearing loss would make a large impact as well. So buying a one-size-fits-all product may not be giving you the benefits you think it should.
They have innovated many forms of custom ear wear that spans all the way from the aforementioned ear plugs for swimmers, surfers, and paddlers, all the way to custom ear buds for ipods and phones.

They even have custom made ear wear for the workplace that can drown out the bad noise, while still allowing communication.

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