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This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. One quarter of all workers in British Columbia are exposed to occupational noise loud enough to damage their hearing.
This compact disc features filtered music and speech to simulate what it is like to have a high frequency hearing loss.
This is a guide to hearing conservation programs and includes the essential requirements for employers and workers.
Occupational Audiologists at WorkSafeBC can advise and assist you in developing your program.
This is a technical document that gives details on how noise surveys should be performed and how the results should be reported. This document explains how occupational noise measurements can be refined and used to calculate noise exposure levels.

Friends and families of hard of hearing people will find these tips helpful for communication. The Unit Plan below contains Microsoft Word and Microsoft PPT files which you can access and save to your computer.
It is essential that the type and the rate of onset be discussed during your evaluation in order to determine what type exists. A patient needs to undergo a hearing evaluation which would include both a hearing test and an examination of a patienta€™s ear by our board-certified otologist, neurotologist, and audiologist. Avoid a noise-induced hearing loss by using hearing protection near sounds louder than 85 dB, turn down the volume when listening to electronics, and other than hearing protection, avoid putting objects in your ears. If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms and are searching for relief, we'd love to help guide you through a proper treatment. This interactive ebook gives an overview of noise-induced hearing loss and explains what is required of a hearing loss prevention program that benefits both workers and employers.

An important part of the review is hearing test information, which indicates the extent of occupational hearing loss for a particular worksite. Anyone who has worked through the companion document, Occupational Noise Surveys, may need the information in Basic Noise Calculations. Lawn mowing, fitness classes, truck and tractor pulls, airplanes, table saws, rock concerts, snowmobiles---all these environments can be too loud.
This book also provides general information on implementing a hearing loss prevention program. Deaf to the Danger contains three, short scenarios (warehouse, sawmill, and packaging plant) that demonstrate just some of the dangers associated with wearing earbuds on the job.

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