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Here is a pair of  quilling paper jhumkas made using quilling strips in red color and green crystal beads with an ethnic touch.
In addition to the materials shown above,  we’ll make two tightly quilled paper coils for the earring. Hey Monica, a thin layer of fabric glue does actually work well… have you seen Pritesh’s blog on quilling?

You could try quilling strips which are specifically available for jewellery making – just that these strips are thicker than the usual quilling strips. Hi ramya , i given a glue coating,but i didnt got shining as like yours..what should i do ? A slotted quilling needle makes it easier to retain grip of the paper strip and is preferable for making tight coils – at least for me!

You could use quilling strips that is specially available for jewelry making…ananda stationery in adyar has these.

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