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This workshop is a wonderful introduction to the world of resin and shows you how much fun resin is. Classes are restricted in size so you receive individual instruction and you will leave the workshop confident that you can continue casting at home. For further information on the course or to enrol in an upcoming workshop, please contact me.
This is a fun option for anyone just wanting to have a go and learn what working with resin is all about. 4.5 hour workshop including kit valued at approximately $120 which is yours to keep so you can keep creating at home.

Give the gift of a great experience: ideal for the person who likes to be hands on or who has everything. Please note that the images above are indicativeof the projects only and the projects createdin the workshop may vary from those in the photograph.
You'll create a variety of different pieces of jewellery and come away with a whole lot more ideas than we can possibly fit into the workshop. You will create many pieces some of which will be finished in class, whilst others will need to cure for 24 hours before they can be finished. If you select Option 2 (please see below) you will also take home the class kit, and comprehensive class notes which will be an invaluable tool to refresh your memory about the finer points covered in the workshop.

Kit includes everything you need to continue creating your own resin jewellery pieces at home including a jewellery mould, two different kinds of resin and resin dye. You will use plastic and silicone moulds as well as jewellery bezels and other objects to contain the resin.

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