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Murmurs of appreciation as we were seated in a private room lined with racks of tantalising wine.
I started with Bath chaps, deemed too scary by my dining companions but described in such loving detail by our waitress that was impossible to resist, at least by me. For my main course, a slab of beef cheek the colour and consistency of treacle, swimming happily in braising jus.
Now, pudding and an outpouring of superlatives as the other ladies tucked into their caramel and banana souffle. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. When you first start collecting vinyl records, you will notice right away that most records are black.

If you plan to keep your vinyl collection around for awhile, make sure that you keep it clean. We six ladies were in Bath for a hen party and one of the highlights of the weekend was to be lunch at the Bath Priory. The restaurant doesn’t as a matter of course allow the general public into its kitchen – they kindly agreed to a request made weeks in advance.
Some people are just getting into collecting vinyl and don't know much about this music media. It was then that French scientist Leon Scott created a vibrating diaphragm to record sound waves onto paper. As such, it's important to know our last fact about vinyl records: They build up a static charge easily.

While these are more valuable to collectors because of how rare they are, they also have a different sound than black records. While he only used this invention for visual analysis, his work set the stage for early record players. In addition to crackling more than traditional black records, the sound quality of colored records becomes corrupted quicker. Taking time to wipe down your records properly is the best way to keep them not only clean but also damage free.

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