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It has been a poster-child kind of success story, therefore the recent opening of his latest venture, Nopi (for North of Picaddily (circus)) is expected to be a high profile – amongst the obsessive gluttons – production that should have industry onlookers salivating with undulated respect. On the surface, Nopi looks like the latest and greatest Soho-based, egalitarian and super hip all-day diner, though this could not be further from the truth.
Naturally, it’s already submerged in overbooked sessions, being that it has only been opened for less than a month.
Staff are chillaxed and all smiles, the restaurant has a generally laid-back attitude about it, which is rather modern of them. The ambiance is something Alan Yau would be proud of, understated slickness, all the small touches you expect restaurants to get right, they have got right.
The luxury thick cut carpaccio, the densely buttery texture that melted accordingly, not unlike a Tsar cut of salmon. By the time the third dish landed, I was sold on the fact that this kitchen could cook anything.
Contrary to what the menu says the small plates are designed for (sharing), I don’t think they came out as intended. Nopi feels like a resurrected Maze (remember that?), another restaurant that has a menu built around the idea of sampling alot of successive small dishes.
It brings the same rebooted feeling that Viajante has brought to the blurred fantasy of one global cuisine. And how did you manage to take away the table paper when photographying the dishes- did anyone notice and say something? I too went as a single diner at the bar and have to say I felt portions were ok but totally with you there on prices.
The food does look exceptionally well cooked and constructed, but then, so is the food at Otto Lenghi (although maybe not quite as impressive). On the other hand, if it is packed out every day, even at the price, then why not charge that much? Hummus Boy – Not faulting their effort, but I think perhaps the problem we are circling here is perceived value for money. I first saw them perform at the 2009 Tribes Hill Annual Meeting and Hootenanny at the historic Hammond House headquarters in Valhalla, NY. Much of their work carries the style and emotional power of musical theater, something Ia€™m very fond of. After they found out that they were all into music, they'd go over to Paul's house and play just for fun doing covers of Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and others. Outside of her positive chorus experiences, there were two stumbling blocks, one of them having a lasting negative effect.
The next step she took was to enroll as a Theater major at SUNY (State University of New York), Fredonia, near Buffalo NY.
Around 1996, the three had been getting together to play at Paul's house for some time, eventually playing a few shows as The YaYas, but never took any of it too seriously.
In 2003, they self-produced their first 10-song CD, Everything, co-produced and mixed by Ben Wisch whoa€™d produced the Grammy-winning album Walking in Memphis by Mark Cohn and additionally, other notable performers (Patty Larkin, Lucy Kaplansky, Jonatha Brooke, Red Molly). While Catherine is the lyricist for the band, she readily acknowledges the integral part that Jay and Paul play, sometimes helping her complete the songs, pushing her past hurdles in the narratives. Paper Boats was just completed in September, and I was able to listen to the album before its release.
The band moved to Mohegan Lake, near Peekskill, NY in 2005, and has become a part of the Tribes Hill community.
The YaYas will appear in Acoustic Live showcases at NERFA and wea€™ll be at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse for their October 1st show.
I thought Jay, wry humorist, was the joker in the 3-card hand until Paul started to tell his story.
This is not Polpo 2011, ladies, this is something a lot more precise, better choreographed, a slicker operation; equating to a ridiculously pricy menu. There was no chance in grabbing a table for a late Saturday lunch, so instead I just showed up at 15 minutes before lunch service was planned to stop, to see if I could snatch a small corner table for some solo dining. They appear to carbonate their water, and the choice of still or sparkling is on the house. Crusted with curry powder and then drizzled with lemon oil that set off an ear-ringing zestful charge of citrus. Everything was delicious, like this buttery tender, superior slow cooked cheek that easily put the Brindisa version to shame. The winner was the exceptionally thin crust, the pineapple slices sat on, producing just the slightest crisp.

I could not fault it for the cooking and for its sheer likeability factor; I believe it is poised to be overbooked for many a cold night in the months ahead.
On the otherhand, the food at Nopi is tastier, the recipes are better, and the atmosphere isn’t so rowdy. I feel that the Nopi portions are not big enough to be shared, but that they are just adequate for one person wanting to taste abit of everything.
For now, I shall be happy to pay the price, but it probably won’t be long before they introduce some kind of set lunch menu. I am very impressed (and kind of jealous) that you managed to try all the dishes we did not order!
The band in which she sings lead vocals, The YaYas, has just released a new album, Paper Boats. With her husband, Jay Mafale on guitar and old friend Paul Silverman on piano, she forms the point at which the lineup, in tandem, pushes its way into the listenera€™s heart. Neither of his parents had musical ability, but his father played Sinatra records all the time. Her teachers were serious about teaching everything from folk singing, to sight reading and ear training. The company would rearrange the space differently, according to need, sometimes in-the-round, often with the audience in close proximity to the actors. He didn't pursue any type of musical performance during his 4 years at college, but his drive to play was persistent.
He did some acting for fun and enjoyed the camaraderie of the other actors, continuing with the theater group after graduation. During this period, Jay and Catherine fell in love and in October of 1997, they got married. On their honeymoon, Catherine was thrown from a horse and two of her vertebrae were crushed.
Reaching back to their first CD, Everything, it was evident that they had something special. Catherine continues to do what she does best, writing songs that touch upon her personal experiences, but contain universal appeal, then express them with refined, passionate vocals. Reaching back to their first CD, Everything, it was evident thatA  they had something special. There are four Ottolenghis’ dotted around London, and quite a startling 15 years or so it has been for the native Israeli philosophy major.
The sweet chilli mix it came it was very good, the chicken itself was reminiscent of soya chicken, redolent of chilli, broth, ginger and spring onion. Sitting on a bed of yoghurt (or creme fraiche), the soured cream took the edge of the intensity of the mushrooms, for the gloopy texture of the cream against the mushy fried ‘shrooms, I felt it created a very stylish texture.
However, I just cannot shake the feeling that they have pumped so much hard work in dazzling clientele that they have managed to fool everybody with their pricing. I had five dishes by myself, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed splitting those dishes with anybody else. Lest it becomes a deterrent in light of the fact that there are so many nice things to eat in the city, for a lot less money.
Perhaps they are taking advantage of the “small plate” phenomenon sweaping London? The song, a€?All these Gifts,a€? is from that album, and epitomizes her command of the songwriting craft and her vocal abilities.
Once they found out about their mutual interest in making music, in small increments, their path revealed itself. When she was around 14 years old, as a Christmas gift, her mother purchased private lessons for her with a voice teacher. Finding that she liked it, she performed through the rest of high school in some dramas and a couple of musicals. It gave Catherine a new, heightened confidence, having the audience right next to her at times. She'd lost the grandmother she sang with at age 14 and her maternal grandmother the year before her mom died. I got my hands on Everything at the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference.
Although no one else in her family had musical talent, her grandmother, who loved to sing, lived next door. I got my hands on EverythingA  at the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference.

In 1998, he who had come to Cordon Bleu in London to study food before going on to solidify his pastry experience in The Capital, The Kensington Place group (with Rowley Leigh) and then become head pastry man at Baker and Spice (which I believe is somehow tied to the origin of Gail’s). But again, I couldn’t help but experience another bout of deja vu, that this apparently innovative recipe had been done before elsewhere, and in this scenario, a Chinese soya chicken rice recipe. Served with an extremely citrusy shaved celeriac salad, which for some reason, failed to equalise in flavour, and was palate piercing instead. The rolled lamb belly was expectedly pungent, but in this tirade of strong flavours, it was not overpowering, rather it was just succinct. Plus a double espresso and five small plates of food, the bill was a whopping ?58.50 – one hugely expensive all-day diner. If they were truly for sharing, I believe they needn’t suggest a recommended three savouries per person. The dishes did not seem scoop-able or partition-able, it might work for a couple but certainly not divisible for more than that. Fusion can swing a lot of ways if done incorrectly, but I think Nopi has got it under contol, and got the recipes just right. Mind you, that’s what HB is charging at Dinner, and NOPI is getting generally better reviews for its food.
The lead singer begins, her voice with that little catch in it which always works its way past my defenses. During a 90-minute conference-call interview, amidst many laughter-filled moments, we learned about each membera€™s individual path and what brought them together. Given that there wasn't much money available for such things, it was for just one lesson per month and, to her, it was a special gift.
However, during her senior year, her English teacher told her that the subject matter in her poems was immature and not worth writing about. Rehearsals were held mostly on Long Island and toward the end also in Manhattan, where Jay was living. She was confined, with a brace, to bed rest for three months, allowed to take a few steps once a day. In my December NERFA CD reviews, I wrote: a€?While Jay on guitar and Paul on keyboard are terrific, Catherinea€™s voice is the jewel in the setting. In addition to co-bills with Freda€™s band, Hope Machine and the YaYas, Fred and Catherine will be touring together this fall. The room is a long and narrow rectangle, and it feels rather like eating in a well-dressed and permanent marquee. It is not better than Uncle Lim’s Hainanese chicken rice recipe in my humble opinion, and I am mindful of the fact that Nopi fuses Medi and Asian recipes, but I find myself asking the obvious question : Is any single chicken wing and half a thigh really worth ten pounds? Hearing them again, on a number of occasions, their brilliance reinforced my initial impression. When he was 12, his parents took him to a Sinatra concert and he was thrilled to watch Buddy Rich drumming.
During the third lesson, Catherine asked the teacher if she had a chance to become a singer. During her recuperation period, she had time to reflect, and she realized that singing was the most important thing in her life and she wanted to make a serious attempt to work at it full-time. She worked 30 hours a week her first two years and didn't audition for anything the first year.
She spoke to Jay and Paul about pushing for more gigs, so in 1998, they surveyed the musical landscape and began their serious run as a band. After re-acclimating herself as a student, in her sophomore year, she started performing in plays again. He worked with rehearsals for shows, so there wasn't time to practice the material a€” he just had to pick it up quickly.
In addition, she took a writing course, and in Carolyn Sobel, her professor, found a believer.
Ita€™s dreamlike, with Paula€™s keyboard ringing like chimes and Jaya€™s solemn guitar strum conducting a stately march. Catherinea€™s voice floats, ethereally high over them: Please let him keep looking toward this horizona€¦When Ia€™m thinking of him, ita€™s twilight.

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