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Did my open houses on that home I mentioned that had two offer within two days and sold it last week for over the list price (tell you how much after it closes escrow).
First time in one so I don't know much about auctions, but everything was cheap (-$1-$2K less) compared to my local ads and the dealers around town. I'm worried about if she goes into full panic mode when I'm bringing her in that she is going to hurt herself. I almost bit the bullet and put in a $ seriousness fee and get something; just to see if these vehicles are worth anything.

Still have about 6 more buyers looking including one returning from Chicago to buy a $1 million home. Maybe fix the few problems if its worth fixing, use it, resell it, or run it thru the auction again if it has too much problems. I saw a truck last week on the side of the road which I was interested in, but after going to the auction it seems like the truck might have been bought from there too. This weekend I saw 2 vehicles which were on the auction last week selling on the side of the road one for almost over $3K ($ ) compared to the auction purchase price ($ ).

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