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As I stepped out of the showera€”the dizziness got worsea€”I was then feeling like the world was closing in on me. The thing I remember before blacking out was that as I was looking forward, everything around me seemed to liquefy.
I could not even fathom it, and then he showed me my lung X-ray and there they were all in different areas of my lungs.
It has been a year since that time, and I am still thinking about how I felt when everything around me liquefied and the darkness was narrowed down to the white light that everybody sees in their near death experiences. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is an instruction manual on how to navigate what is known as the Bardo or planes of existence after death.
It relates a series or progression of different colored lights which appear to the deceased that make their heavenly journey after death. Moreover, the book states that there are a series of lights that are doorways to different levels of the underworld and that it is the smoke colored lights that should be avoided. It states not to be fooled by these lights a€“ and that we should remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind, the natural state of the universe un-manifest. According to the book, the journey of death consists of six choices or six lights and that the last light should be your choice because by the time you find it you should be permanently separated from the earthly mind and body. As we all know there is not one set experience that people who have come near death have talked about.
We have been told through various sources that the white light at death is something to head towards. I am sure faith promoting movies like the new film, 90 Minutes of Heaven, will extol the virtues of going to the lighta€”but the truth is the main character did not go to the light and this is why he survived and a movie was made about him. Yet what if, as David Icke, and others have suggested, the white light at death is a trick or trap? I am now joining with those who question the so-called lighta€™s purpose in the death process.
I avoided the light in my experience because I did not sense any love or calma€”I sensed force, something that would take me against my will if I got near it.
A friend of mine recently sent me an article written by Makia Freeman that had me transfixed. I could not stop reading it because it made me realize that I was not alone in questioning the so called tunnel and light brigade that come back from near death and say that the light was something wonderful. I dona€™t have to smile a€“ and ghosts dona€™t have to go to the light unless they choose to.

They dona€™t need someone in the backseat telling them to head on into a light that could be attached to a semi. Besides God and the Bible speak of free will- where is free will when we are forced or pushed towards some unfamiliar light when we die? I know that this may not be popular with the rainbow and light people but I have been there and my experience has not been tainted or influenced by my religious upbringing.
What if we go into the light and it gives us an emotional wipe, all memories tranquilized and in the process we see our dead loved ones, we relive moments we cherish and regret a€“ and then a blank? The soul is cleansed of any and all past memories and is reinserted into something comparable to the matrix. The frightening irony is that this would literally make earth a prison planet where all of its inhabitants are born, live and die a€“ and then go through the process again like a cosmic version of Groundhog Day.
Whitley Strieber the author who is famous for being an alien abductee has claimed that the white light is a trick of the a€?alien grays.a€? He says not to go to the light. Val Valerian is a former CIA agent named John Grace and is a researcher in alien phenomena and interaction with human beings and has also has a similar opinion to Strieber. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. Charles Fort also believed that we were someone elsea€™s property and the trick was to avoid being taken up like some food in a pantry.
It remains to be seen after death a€“ because in my experience I have seen the light a€“and it reminds me that there has to be something greater and clearer that doesna€™t blind me from the truth. Our topics include the formation of the New World Order and the New Age Agenda, popular conspiracy theories. 47 – URGE TO TAKE VITAMINS: Do you feel compelled to take more vitamins as the years pass? 48 – AFRAID OF THE CLOSET: Have you ever been or are you now afraid of your closet or any closet in the house, having to make certain the door(s) are always shut? Scientists have discovered that a sizeable minority of women have Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. More than a century ago, a secret society discovered a cave hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface.
Most of my listeners know that for the past two years, I have been attempting to recover from my third operation to remove cancer from my kidneys. There was a ringing in my ears and then a bright light appeared just above me a€“ right between my eyes.

That Light is the light we should draw toa€”that is the light that signifies that you have finally arrived home.
There are many stories of aliens in the light, loved ones that are there to guide you; even God and Jesus have been seen at the first light.
I guess if you were to give it a science fiction description it is like a tractor beam or a soul catcher a€“ that acts like some sort of a soula€”bug zapper. Thus we forget our previous life and are now being sent through another tunnel and through another light that is merely the birth canal into an operating room where loved ones are there and we start the process all over again. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over againa€¦ Hence, the Light and Tunnel at death trap.
They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. There is most certainly a world beyond our world, but how does one wish to explore the world beyond that is promised after this lifea€¦ is the veil to the other side hanging in the doorway of this immense light a€“ or are we being blinded from seeing it because the light is there to distract us from ever going through. You have a compulsion to fulfill a task in life but you don’t know exactly what it is or why you have this feeling. Street lights going out when you walk under them or radio and television being affected when you walk by. The last surgery was difficult for me and my loved ones because it resulted in a major water weight gain, that left me sedentary and in the process my knees were not adjusting to the weight that suddenly latched on to me.
It was Labor Day weekend 2014; I was spending the weekend with my friend Roger and his girlfriend. I knew that an embolism was a blood clot and that when it dislodges it can go into the brain or the heart and it meant instant death. The first lights that are seen are seen as choices, and while experiencing them there will be many hallucinations associated with them. My friend Roger looking after me and saying that the doctors are very surprised that I survived. The trick also can be the hallucination of loved ones as the Tibetan Book of the Dead explains.

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