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Magnetic pulses to the brain may provide lasting relief to many people with tinnitus, new research suggests.The nearly 45 million Americans with tinnitus hear a persistent ringing, buzzing, hissing or other sound even when there is no external sound source. Good 'ole Monsieur Godart… He’d repeat it over and over, sometimes taking a shoe off and banging it on someone’s desk to make his point. I was warned this would happen once I started, but I didn’t listen and went back for another fix. According to the The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) noise levels at various locations in all the major Indian metros are far above permissible limits (100 to 140 dB, the WHO cut-off is 85 dB).
Now, after my third visit to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I am officially hooked and desperate to return to the Circuit de la Sarthe to experience it all again.On both my previous trips to the 24 Hours of Le Mans I haven’t arrive at the circuit until very late on Friday, which has resulted in me missing a lot of the build-up. But it's not just the number of vehicles on the road and heavy machinery in factories and industries that's contributing to the din.
This year I was on site from Thursday morning, which gave me much more time to further explore the track and soak up the atmosphere (and a few beers).One of the major attractions I have previously missed is the Friday pit walk, where spectators are allowed to freely roam round the pit lane and watch the teams making last minute preparations.
I’m with fellow Canadian photographer Bryan Caporicci, talking up a storm and walking up 39th street. At some point it must’ve stopped because the morning is almost quiet, the sun like an arrow through the streets below.
The past decade has seen MP3 players and iPods that deliver music at concert-level decibels. As ever there were two distinct car types in action at this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans: LM Prototypes (LMP) and GT (GTE). Sometimes it jumps sideways and we’re left struggling in its wake.There’s a new theory out, something published and serious.
Even while you get used to it and consciously filter out the background noise, your body continues to be under assault.
The divide between these two sub-classes is relatively narrow, though GTE-Am cars must be at least one year old (or be built to the previous year's specification) and there are limitations on the driver line up in the Amateur class.The LM Prototypes are unique to endurance racing and also divided into two classes, LMP1 and LMP2. Apparently it explains a whole big bunch of discrepancies in our understanding of the laws of physics at the quantum level.
The acoustic garbage that litters the airwaves 24x7 has pretty serious health consequences.Loud noise doesn't just lead to hearing problems.
Manufacturers are encouraged to enter LMP1 – though privateer entries are still welcome – and it is a car from this class which is expected to be the overall race winner.Notably the sign above the number 1 Audi garage listed four driver names, instead of the regulation three. It may also lead to sleep disturbances and stress (and associated conditions), gastric troubles, impaired immunity and heart disease," says Prevention advisor Prof Arun Aggarwal, dean and director, head of the ENT Department at Delhi's Maulana Azad Medical College. During the Wednesday practise session the number 1 e-tron quattro had been involved in a horrendous crash on the exit of the Porsche Curves which absolutely obliterated the car and put Loic Duval out of the race.
In fact, a 2011 WHO report quantified the consequences of noise on the urban European population.

Audi were permitted to draft in test driver Marc Gene to take Duval’s seat so, although four names were shown, only three drivers would participate in the race.At the very bottom of the pits were the two Toyota TS 040 LMP1 hybrids. That science is now slowly proving the chemically induced fantasies of a million teenage kids, or every bad Hollywood ending ever shot — turns out it was allll aaaa dreeeaaammmm…Damn.
Audi have been incredibly dominant at Le Mans in the last decade (between 2000 – 2013 Audi have won 11 times) but it was Toyota who arrived at Le Mans as the favourites, having won the two rounds of this year’s World Endurance Championship.In both their 2014 World Endurance Championship wins the Toyota’s were unquestionably faster, a point which was reiterated from the outset at Le Mans as the TS 040’s headed the qualifying sheets from the first session.
If this is the reflection, you have to wonder what the hell kind of insane reality is out there.Meanwhile, out here in the shadows we’re headed to the Bronx, an entire day of discussions ahead with Fujifilm engineers. Those working in factories or offices with heavy machinery use, clubs and other places of entertainment, or people staying in very high-traffic locations are vulnerable.
Notably both Toyota WEC victories had occurred at six hour endurance races and, although Audi looked like the underdogs for the race, this wasn’t the first time they been at Le Mans in such circumstances.At this point I must apologise for the lack of variety in my photos.
The only flaw with the Circuit de la Sarthe is that, despite it being a huge circuit, it is ringed with high fencing, so finding gaps to shoot through can be tricky!Prior to the start of the main event spectators were treated to a 10 lap historic race specifically for Group C cars. The Dangerous Decibels: High decibels cause trauma to the ears-both, the duration and intensity of the noise matters.
Some drivers were pushing harder than others, but even the slowest of these classics were fantastic to watch. In 2012 event organisers Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) introduced “Garage 56” to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Dr Kaushik Das, consultant ENT surgeon at AMRI Hospital and Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata explains the mechanism of noise-induced hearing loss: if its explosive (say, a gunshot or fireworks), it can instantly and irreversibly damage your hearing by causing the eardrum to rupture.
The purpose of “Garage 56” is to introduce a 56th entry to the race whose purpose is to test new technologies. If its brief yet loud, it can cause what is known as temporary threshold shift (the dullness or ringing in your ears after, say, a rock concert) that usually goes away in 48 hours. In 2014 the Garage 56 position was awarded to the Nissan ZEOD RC hybrid.Unfortunately the ZEOD RC didn’t last long into the 24 hour race and the car was forced to retire following a terminal gearbox failure. But when you are exposed to loud noise (over 85 DB) repeatedly, continuously and over extended periods of time, the threshold shift gradually becomes permanent, leading to irreversible hearing loss. The team did at least manage to achieve one of their major goals though, which was to run a full lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe under electric power.
How the Damage is Caused: This hearing loss is caused due to damage to the minute hair cells in the inner ear that transmit sound to the auditory nerves. Fielding four Vantage GTE’s the Aston Martins looked competitive in both the GTE-Pro and GTE-Am classes, though it was GTE-Am where the Vantages were particularly strong, taking both the first and second qualifying positions in the class.Both GTE-AM Vantages looked equally as dominant during the race, with the number 98 Aston leading the number 95 car. The order remained this way until late into the evening, when the number 98 Vantage was forced into the pits following a power steering failure.That left the road clear for the number 95 car to claim the GTE-Am win. David Heinemeier Hansson, Kristian Poulsen and Nicki Thiim completed 334 laps in 24 hours and placed 19th overall.
The number 98 Vantage was repaired and returned to the race, eventually finishing 6th in GTE-Am (26th overall) with 329 laps. Dawn at Tertre Rouge.

Teams refer to this period of the race as “Happy Hour”; their cars have made it through the night and the conditions at this point are perfect for putting in quick laps. This is also a pretty special time for the spectators as the morning light begins to break over the circuit. In a weekend of memorable moments, this was the clear standout for me.Four marques – Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette - were present in GTE and all four of them were in contention for the win in GTE-Pro. Use noise cancelling earphones to muffle background sound while using your iPod or MP3 in public places. Aston Martin number 97 suffered the same power steering fault that had dropped the number 98 Vantage from the GTE-Am lead, leaving GTE-Pro a three horse race.After the leading Corvette suffered a failure the number 51 AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia, in the hands of Gianmaria Bruni, Giancarlo Fisichella and Toni Vilander, inherited the lead and went on to rack up 339 laps, placing 15th overall and taking the GTE-Pro win. Second position in the class went to the number 73 Corvette C7 (338 laps) and third the number 92 Porsche 911 RSR (337 laps).The battle for LMP2 victory was fantastically close as well. Place a towel or a mat at the base of your grinder or blender while using it to dampen the sound. The LMP1 battle started as predicted though, with the number 7 Toyota TS 040 taking the early lead while the number 8 Toyota followed in second position. It was on Saturday evening, just a couple of hours into the race, when rain arrived at the Circuit de la Sarthe and the LMP1 drama began.With a course yellow waving due to the heavy downpour, cars were slowed but, despite the reduction in speed, the number 8 Toyota aquaplaned and struck the leading AF Corse LMGTE AM Ferrari. Avoid unnecessary car alarms, avoid honking randomly, don't burst firecrackers, get your vehicles serviced regularly, dont remove the silencer from motorbikes, follow the 10-pm rule for loudspeaker use.How Much is Too Much?Habitual exposure to noise levels above 85 dB may lead to gradual hearing loss. With no traction due to the wet conditions, the LMGTE Ferrari careened across the track and collected the number 3 Audi e-tron quattro.
The number 8 Toyota managed to limp back to the pits – where it was to spend an hour being repaired before re-joining the race – but for the number 3 Audi (and the lead AF Corse LMGTE AM Ferrari) the race was over.Aside from a brief period when the number 20 Porsche claimed the lead, the number 7 Toyota retained first as the race moved into the night. It was in the small hours when the LMP1 story got its next twist, as the number 7 Toyota came to an abrupt halt on the Mulsanne straight. A melted wiring loom left the TS 040 stranded and, with the driver unable to repair the damage, the car was out.Audi number 2 took the lead, only to lose it when the turbo on the e-tron quattro failed. Over the course of the next few hours the lead swapped between Porsche number 20 and the number 1 and 2 Audis as each car experienced technical issues.
Porsche number 20 was the next LMP1 entrant to permanently depart the race due to a critical anti-roll bar failure and the second Porsche 919 retired shortly afterwards.  In all the overall lead changed hands eight times during the race and, as the 24 hours drew to a close, it was the number 2 Audi e-tron quattro driven by Marcel Fassler, Benoit Treluyer and Andre Lotterer who headed the field. Those who followed the race realised it was far from an easy victory though, with all seven of the major LMP1 entrants suffering at least one issue and teams having to fight just to get their cars to the finish.As with last year I tried to cover more ground and see more than my previous visit, yet I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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