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When Alaya returned to Onedoorland in May, after Tribal Convergence: Awaken, we sat with her for a heart breath meditation and I realized it needed to be available to more people.
Endless Wonder is what the music was named named and it has been used in many ceremonies as the guiding music, many meditations, yoga studios, massages and more. Following Alaya's guidance, I tuned into the sound around my ears, listening for the subtle ringing of my auric field and heard a particular note.

Guided by the spirit-within ENTHEO seeks to live each day in alignment with the natural order and bring Divine Harmony into audible forms, offering musical medicine of many flavors packed with light, love, truth and wisdom. She is truly a magical offering to the world and is causing massive ripples of healing and reconnection across the globe. This note (E flat) turned out to perfectly harmonize with our rose quartz singing bowl (that's an F# in A=432Hz for all you frequency nerds) which was an amazing surprise and synchronicity. It is an incredible tool to assist our awakening and improve our experience of living a happy, harmonious and balanced life.

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