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A high-arching skin incision is made behind the ear (dashed line) that crosses the occipital nerves at the end branches. Although the tumor was definitely present, its irritations did not warrant removal from its precarious location on the sheath of nerves responsible for hearing and balance. Harboring a tumor that was now 3.5 centimeters in size, Wayne met with several surgeons near his Illinois home to discuss treatment options. Wayne sent his latest MRI scans to Mayfield and about a week later received a call from John M. Understanding the relationship between proper function of the upper cervical spine, cranial bones, and temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), is critical to a wellness and drugless approach to care. Other symptoms that can be caused by TMJ include: headache, fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, ringing in the ears, head and neck tension, sinus congestion, and ear infections.

This incision also avoids deep dissection of the neck muscles and is less likely to cause chronic postoperative headache compared to a straight incision.
They recommended approaching the tumor through his ear (a translabyrinthine approach), which would result in permanent hearing loss in that ear. Mayfield surgeons had approached her tumor from an incision in her skull behind her ear (a suboccipital approach) in order to minimize the risk to the adjacent facial and cochlear (hearing) nerves. Please bear in mind that because every patient is unique, individual patients may respond to treatment in different ways.
Surgery would be postponed, and Wayne would undergo annual screening to track the tumor's growth.
Tew's recommendation, he stayed about half a mile away from University Hospital at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge, where patients and caregivers from out of town can stay at no cost.

A benign brain tumor less than one centimeter in diameter was growing ever-so-slowly inside his left internal auditory canal.
Tew was the only surgeon I found who was willing to try to save any of my hearing, so for me any residual hearing is great!

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