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We chose to start the day in Edale as it has good parking (and a pub when you finish) and the path up onto the plateau via Ringing Roger is one of the easiest ways up. Just behind the rock outcrops there is a fence with a stile which leads up to a large cairn on the circumnavigational path, turn right here and follow your nose! The path now turns left (westwards) along the top of the small outcrop of Crookstone Knoll. Once past Blackden Brook the path head north for a while before turning the corner at the Seal Stones to follow the top of Seal Edge.
The whole section from Crookstone Knoll to Mill Hill Rocks takes longer than you think so don’t underestimate it. The western edge of the plateau is split by Kinder Downfall, and as this feature attracts a lot of visitors this section is likely to be much busier than the previous one. The path meanders along the edge past Sandy Heys, getting higher as it approaches the waterfall at Kinder Downfall. This last section of the walk is also very popular, although it is likely that by the time you reach here (if you’re going clockwise from Edale) you will have most of the hill to yourself. The patch continues on from the Noe Stool to the Pagoda by a path that is paved in sections to reduce erosion. Leaving the Woolpacks behind, you come to Crowden Tower and the path descends steeply to cross Crowden Brook.
Once over Grinds Brook the finally section is reached, a nice flat sandy path that proceeds across the top of Upper Tor. Leaving the rim behind descend the path to the Nab and retrace the start of the route back to the The Old Nags Head Inn where a well deserved pint awaits you!
Drouillard,us - BIRDS OF PREYA SHORT STORYBY PAUL DROUILLARD    It was a cool autumn Friday night in Central Ohio with the stars out unusually early and teenagers out typically late. Jean Genet (born 19 December, 1910; died 15 April, 1986), pictured above in a photograph likely taken in the late 1930s. I’d really appreciate it if you follow me back, especially if you followed me before!
The feelings were always there but they came flooding back tonight and I am just so happy.
Not BTR hour but reblog if you attended the Big Time Summer Tour or the Summer Break tour with the date and city you attended.
We walked the circuit in an anti-clockwise direction because the sections of the craggy rim around Kinder Downfall and Grinds Brook are often very crowded. Once on the other side of the river fork away to the right to climb the hill via zigzags onto the Nab. This section is a nice level stroll, crossing a few small streams, always with a lovely view across the valley to the Great Ridge.
There is sudden change in atmosphere here as the traffic on the Snake Pass road can be heard – in contrast to the quietness of the previous section.
Another nice section leads past the climbing buttresses of the Chinese Wall to cross the stream of Fair Brook.
Depending on the wind it may be an upfall(!) with the water being blown straight up in the air. From here the way becomes paved again and heads across to the left of Grindslow Knoll straight to Grindsbrook Towers at the top of Grinds Brook. However you described them Friday nights in September means one thing for small town Ohioans and that’s high school football of course. By doing the walk this way round you encounter these sections last and finding them deserted in the evening light adds to the enjoyment (and makes for better photographs). There are quite a few paths from here up onto the edges but it’s best to stay close to the arete that leads up to Ringing Roger. Most of the worn paths are heading up to Mad Woman’s Stones and the Edale Moor trig point, but we want to keep with edge as much as possible. Once again the path heads north for a short section to lead to the rocky outcrop and formations on the promontory of Fairbrook Naze. Keep your eyes peeled for the wonderfully shaped Boxing Glove Rock (you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it!). Having jumped across the Kinder River above the Downfall, the path heads south, still following the edge. The Pennine Way alternate route descends straight down to the bottom of Grinds Brook, but we turn left and follow the edge to a flatter crossing point. As the path crosses the top of Nether Tor the path leading down beyond Golden Clough is seen. On this Friday the local team the Greenon Knights had won their third game in a row and tonight against their fiercest rivalries The Fighting Shawnee of Springfield. It looks rocky and steep, but actually the path winds its way quite easily and soon you are standing on the rocky formations of Ringing Roger enjoying the view. Soon the path comes more worn and visible again as it follows the top of Blackstone Edge, passing some rock outcrops and small streams.
This is a wonderful spot with fantastic views across Black Ashop Moor onto Featherbed Moss and Bleaklow.
As the craggy rim starts to fade, the trig point on Kinder Low comes into view on the left.
Known locally as Whipsnade, this is a scattered collection of fantastically eroded gritstone tors (or boulders), shaped by the harsh weather and wind to resemble animal, human, or abstract shapes. There are a number of small paths here which all join together, take care over which one you choose as some of them are steep and rocky.
The drop off the edge steepens more and more as you approach Blackden Brook, making for some wonderful walking. Navigation can be difficult here, keep to right of Kinder Low heading for Edale Rocks where the Pennine Way again becomes visible.
Walking though them in the evening light, when the shadows are longer and more prominent and you’d swear that some of them move! As expected the victorious hometown Knights were all out celebrating with a gathering out at old Indian burial mound which was a traditional meeting place for teenagers after football contest.
They may not be the most popular or the most successful, but they’ll always be the greatest in my heart. Stay with the path straight ahead until you meet the Pennine Way at the top of Mill Hill Rocks.
Follow the paved path to the Swines Back, but instead of following it down to Edale Cross and Jacobs Ladder turn left and head straight for the Noe Stool.
This tradition dates back more than 25 years in the small town of Enon. The early evening predicted thunderstorm and rains had yet to arrive that night and there was nothing to damper the great festive victorious get-together.
Turn left and within a few minutes you’ll be looking down onto Kinder Reservoir above Hayfield. The rendezvous with its youthful teens was shared by Chance Walker and his date for the night Amber Rose. The two were drinking colas and laughing while talking to high school chums who had gathered.
The raised grassy mound which covered ancient graves from the ancient Adena culture existed long before white men ever walked on this continent.
Shepherd observe an old Navy tradition of ringing a bell to announce the arrival of someone to a ship -- in this case, the International Space Station in 2000. On top of the mound were several tall old oak trees which provided the perfect roost for a large community of turkey vultures which every year called Enon Ohio home. The presence of the buzzards gave the spot an eerie setting but it was for its isolated parking lot which surrounded the historical landmark that made it the magnet for young people and their cars. Needless to say one cared much for the companionship of the turkey buzzards. Chance and Amber would go to the spot with their friends after every Friday night football game. What’s the big deal in seeing him in flesh and blood for the first time in months, anyway?However, your own consolations just made you feel even more high-strung.

The scarier the story the more it seemed closely his date Amber would cling to him later in the night.
Yes there was a method to the young man’s madness and he made the most of the mound and its mysterious nature.
It was an out-of-the-way spot with a haunted history making a perfect backdrop for tall tales and for certain the brood of vultures in the surrounding trees just added to the scary backdrop. Chance Walker was a smart boy and a senior. You had realized a few months earlier that you had feelings for Logan and had had them for a longer time period. He was a good looking red headed kid with ambitions of getting an academic scholarship at the University Ohio State. They lived on a small farm but Chances father worked primarily for the county, as its engineer. Chance was popular for two things in particular, his big house with a cement pool and he had the most freckles of anyone in the county. The pretty Amber Rose was as country and as sweet as corn clinging to the cob. Tiny boned and cute as a bug, she stood just shy-less than five feet tall and was always swaying from one side to the other. If she owned a regular shirt or a formal dress you would have a hard time proving it in court. Amber was raised in a single parent home with a much poorer background than Chance and his folks.
Some moms smell like French perfume but Amber`s mom she always smelled just like the French fries she served in red plastic platters. Amber grew up never knowing her father. He was in prison serving a sentence of 25 years for robbery and drug trafficking. Amber and her mother never missed the man much. He wrapped his arms around you pulling you into a tight hug and you felt your heart racing inside of your chest. What the tiny family lacked in financial resources it made up with in its heart and goodwill. These young ladies both mother and daughter were sweethearts in the best text of the word and highly respected by folks which took the time to get acquainted. The high school in Enon was all countrified as well.
It was an underfunded, understaffed, underappreciated center of learning but it had one hell of an exciting football team, so it wasn’t like folks in Enon cared much about the trivial stuff that turned down tax levies might provide.  It looked as if the two companions Amber and Chance were destined to be sweet hearts. The teenagers were fast becoming more than just friends as they enjoyed each other’s companionship very much. And for this September evening for the moment the rains had just started, but the storms were holding off. It still seemed like a perfect evening for a victory celebration and time spent together with friends, that is till the winds picked up and all that was all about to change.
Something sinister was a brewing in the autumn winds and rain that followed. As the minutes began to pass and the rain began to pick up, one by one the headlights of the cars filled with teenagers from Enon would turn on and engines revved to leave. The cars kick up pebbles and dust as they trailed down towards the winding gravel road which leads back to the main road. In just minutes the seventeen year old Chance and sixteen year old Amber Rose found themselves alone at the Indian mounds, or so they thought. When the last of the car’s taillights pulled out of sight a young man of peculiar looks unexpectedly came to couples car window from the driver’s side where Chance was sitting. He was an Indian boy about eighteen years of age with long black hair and several facial piercing.
On a night like this many spiritual things can happen” Chance was nervous “You are giving me the creeps Joe Fish. Of course, you were extremely proud of them for getting so far and making it into that glamorous world of fame and living their dreams, but on another note you missed them. Joe Fish you definitely are not right”. Joe Fish laughed and backed away from the car as he pointed in the direction of Chance in his car. You were here to enjoy yourself and see your friends perform in front of a huge crowd of screaming girls.
At least the vultures have plenty of their own kind in this town.” Chance asked “Do you know the legend of the massacre that occurred here at the mounds that brought the first vultures to this spot?” “No I don’t. It was an eerie sound, sort of a swoosh and it was followed by another noise in the woods near the trees where Chance had just entered. Within seconds a large bolt of lightning struck near the street light pole and it knocked the power out and the whole lot turned dark. Amber looked to the trees Chance had entered but it was pitch black. The lightning was followed by an incredibly loud boom of thunder. Amber almost jumped out of her seat she was so frightened by the sound. She rolled down her window despite the rain and called out “Chance did you hear that?” Amber continued to call out from the car as she now franticly looked out to see her friend. In fact the whole woods were incredibly still except for the sound of raindrops still falling from the leaves in the pitch darkness. Amber poked her head from the cars window and searched in the direction of the trees for any sign of the boy before she called out again.  “Chance stop funning around with me now!
I am getting scared!” cried out Amber as she began to get worried with the uneasy feeling of being alone at the ancient burial grounds in the middle of the night. Guessing it was one of the fans accidentally bumping into you, you didn’t even look up.
It took two or three tries to get the number right as the phone almost fell out her hands from shaking. Then at the same time her mother voice from the other side of the phone she saw two large eyes almost illuminating in the woods where she last seen her boyfriend Chance.
There is something out there and it is after me!” she cried on the phone. “Amber is that you? All those looks he had given you in the past, all those compliments, everything, They weren’t just a gesture of kindness of politeness.
Hurry!” as the phone then went to sounds of Amber’s sobbing. Amber`s mom quickly hung up the phone and called the Sheriff to meet her at the mounds. She talked to the dispatcher “my daughter is at the Indian mounds and she is in some kind of danger.
Someone or something is attacking her”. The dispatcher responded in sending out a cruiser and the mother ran out the door and hopped into her Chrysler and peeled out of her driveway.
The mounds were 5 minutes away and with the speed in which Amber's mom was driving she would be there in less than 3. The worst kind of thoughts crossed the mother's mind as she drove at break neck speed.Who was attacking her daughter? Was she live or dead? As she hit the gravel road which lead to the mounds she could see the red flashing lights from the sheriff’s cruiser already at the scene. The red lights terrified the mother even more then she already was as the whole picture took on crime scene from a movie. Gravel and rocks flew as the van swerved to a stop next to the cruiser and the mustang.
She is coming out of it” and kneeling next to the girl asked “Amber your moma is here, You are alright. Can you tell us what happened?” Amber looked at her mother "Momma" she cried “something got Chance. Then turning his attention back to the girl “Amber can you tell me who responsible for this?
What did you see?” “Chance was there in the trees and all of a sudden I heard a noise and a horrible shriek and then there was nothing. He was gone!” The Deputies quickly returned “Sheriff there looks like a little scuffle and there is a pair of men’s sandals over there and torn pieces of clothing but that’s it. Don’t worry now Amber the Sheriff he will find Chance.” “Maam you should go with your daughter.
We got this end” said the Sheriff. “Harley where are those lights?” “On their way Sheriff” responded Harley.
He even thanked me the other day when I handed him a speeding ticket” “Real nice Harley that’s such a heartwarming story, but would you contact Springfield on your radio and get me that chopper!” As Harley went back to his cruiser again the road crew arrived with their trailer the sheriff pointed out the direction he wanted the lights and he shouted “Puts some lights on the trees over there boys. Call Columbus, call Dayton, or call Cincinnati but get me a chopper with some lights now!” “I am on it boss” said Harley walking again back to the car. The Sheriff took a look at the men had set up the lighting and where the lights were shining.
Can you boys raise that beam up just a little higher?” “Sure can Sheriff” said one of the men just as Harley came running up informing the Sherriff that the Columbus chopper was on its way. “Look at that Harley! Then just take a look at that large broken branch above it”. “Maybe he fell out of the tree” questioned Harley. But where’s the body?” “Maybe it’s like the girl said and an owl got him and dragged him up a tree?” said Harley. “Are you out of your mind? What kind of bird could do something like that?” “A big bird or maybe a sasquatch?” said Harley as he scratched his chin. The Sheriff shook his head “We got missing boy here Harley and he is hurt and bleeding, or perhaps even God forgive dead.

You want me tell the boy’s parents he was abducted by a large owl or a Bigfoot for gosh sake?” “Sorry Boss I was just trying to make some sense out of the situation” mumble Harley. “Well you watch too much television. Tell Franklin once he gets done with that to begin to reach out to the community to start up a search party.” “I will take care of it Boss. I guarantee you this isn’t no owl or Bigfoot which carried that boy off!”  The chopper and search team searched the woods all night without finding any further trace of the boy named Chance.
Sheriff Douglas Copley left the team at daylight to run back to the office to prepare a quick statement for the press as they had already gathered at the site and the station waiting to hear any news of progress. The Sherriff was sitting at his desk when he heard the dispatcher’s phone in the other office being ringing off the hook.
Sheriff we need to talk…” The Sheriff interrupted his dispatcher abruptly and ordered “Well your done now answer the damn phone!” Carol gave the Sheriff a look of dissatisfaction and stated “Well someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning” then realizing the Sheriff had been up all night looking for the missing boy she quickly apologized. I was just set to call you on the radio thinking you were still out at the mounds but here you are…” “Damn it” said the Sheriff as he jumped out of his chair at the same time Franklin came barging into the room. He gives tours up there” replied Franklin.  “Damnation I thought all the Indians left these parts about a hundred and fifty years ago. Just go get Harley and let’s get the heck moving.” The Sheriff walked Franklin to the door and then reaches for his hat while giving Carol his dispatcher directions. The gentleman asked “Sherriff excuse me, what can you tell me about the missing children?” “I got nothing to say to you Mister. I am kind of in a hurry” The man continued with his questioning “Is it true large thunderbirds have been reported in the area”? “What the hell is a thunderbird?” replied the Sheriff. “Come on sheriff give me some information.
Cause if you go over to Springfield they are having a parade today and you might find a few of those types there.” “Not to quite that extreme Sheriff. Now if you can’t help me can you direct me to any of the folks who have reported to see the large birds?” “No sir I cannot right now.
I haven’t the time for any foolishness about large birds or extinct species coming back to life.
I may be able to help you with your investigation.” “I don’t think so Sport, but it has been interesting talking to you” “I have written several books…” “Congratulations Professor Boy but I have things to do…” The Sheriff hopped into the cruiser with Deputy Harley at the wheel and Deputy Franklin sitting in the back. Jeesusss!” The car took off again and was making good time moving thru the rolling hills and farmland that were a part of the backdrop of Central Ohio.
About 15 minutes into the trip Harley spotted a bird in the air hovering in a circle about 50 yards ahead.
I swear I am going to have to shoot both of you two before we even get there.” “Your right Sheriff” said Harley. This time of year there is not much going on at the site with kids all in school.” “Well pull up aside it. He gets inside them caverns and who knows how long it will take to get him out.” “Good plan Sheriff” said Franklin as the car came to a stop beside the shop. It’s mighty dark in that cave and there are bats and all.” “You left behind your flashlight?”  asked the Sheriff.
I won’t let him get into the cave.” Harley got out of the driver seat and tossed his flashlight to Franklin who was on the gravel path which leads directly to the cave. The Sheriff hadn’t himself been to the caves since he was a child some 40 years ago but it didn’t look like much had changed. It was a roadside attraction similar to a blue hole or mystery hill. Harley went through the door and there met a man in his mid-50`s. Do you have a minute to chat?” “I aint got a whole lot of time but what’s on your mind?” “My boy has been acting a little usual of late. I don’t know exactly what he is up to but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has something to do with the disappearances of those children.” “Go on Mister …er” “My name is John. Joe is all wrapped up in Indian Mysticism.  Lately he thinks he is some sort of Sharma or Medicine Man. I don’t know maybe you can figure him out?” “Well point me in the right direction and I will see what I come with. “I just wanted to bring up the arrival of the thunderbirds.
In Plains tribes, the Thunderbird is sometimes known as Wakinyan, from the Dakota word kinyan meaning "winged." Others might suggest the word links the Thunderbird to wakan, or sacred power. In many stories, the Thunderbird is thought of as a great Eagle, who produces thunder from the beating of his wings and flashes lightning from his eyes.” “Excuse me but I didn’t come out here to question no Thunderbird. I know this sounds crazy but I think Joe could be a shapeshifter.” Harley spoke up “ I’ve heard of shapeshifters Sheriff. They are people who can turn themselves into animals like wolves and panthers and deer, They darn near can turn themselves into about anything." “Shut up Harley” said the Sheriff.
Who knows what he might do?” “Harley you stay here with old John and keep a close eye on him while I go talk to Joe Fish.” “Will do Sheriff” answered Harley.
Did you get a look at him?” “Didn’t see much… but it wasn’t no Bigfoot” The two men cautiously walked over to the cave.
A string of white Christmas lights on both sides of a narrow pathway was the only lights that lit. Harley shined his flash light on the surrounding walls as the men stepped slowly as the proceeded forward into the caverns. “This cave goes down at least a quarter of a mile Harley. We ain’t going to see much”  “I can’t see for shit Sheriff” said Harley as they walked side by side. The ground beneath the men was damp and slippery.
The only sound in the darkness was echoes of drops of water coming from the ceiling of the cave and its walls. He was only about 10 feet from the 4ft stone wall in which he felt Joe Fish could be hiding behind. “Joe Fish” he called out.
Show yourself boy before it’s too late.” There was no response from the darkness and shadows. The Sheriff took a few more steps and gently bent over the wall with the flash light in one hand and his revolver in another.
At the bottom of the steps there is another light switch and the cave opens up to big chamber.
It doesn’t look like much has changed.” “Sheriff are you thinking he will give up without a fight?” “I think he is in it too deep Harley as a matter of speaking.
All I got.” The men started walking again on the dimly lighted pathway “Let’s just go real slow and careful like. I can’t see.” The sheriff stumbled around in the dark and found the pole with light switch and turned the lights on. 200 years ago the white men slaughter our people at the old Indian Mounds and today we will have our justice!
I am the Chosen One and I have brought down to earth the Thunderbird and he answers only to me!” “Your choice” said the Sheriff as he pulled the trigger and one shot rang out. Joe Fish was struck instantly and dropped to the ground dead. “End of tour” said the Sheriff. Even the professor from the university was there to discover all that happened out at the cave.
News travels fast in small towns in Ohio. Sheriff Copley and Deputy Harley both answered questions and finished their work at the crime scene.
When it was all said and done the Sheriff and Deputy climbed back into the cruiser and headed back to the town of Enon believing their job was done and the mystery solved. Both men were sadden by the loss of their friend Franklin. While heading down the highway Harley commented to the Sheriff “It is sad what happened to Franklin. Its wing span was enormous and if there was ever to be a bird known as a Thinderbird why this was it.

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