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Details:Sony MDR-ZX770BNL Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones let you hear what you want to and give you more freedom to listen and chat while you go about your day. Thanks to digital noise cancelling technology, Sony ZX770 Headphones eradicate distracting ambient sound based on your environment, whether it's traffic, people talking or other external sounds. You can completely focus on your music, which is rendered in high quality courtesy of a set of powerful drivers and superior bass response.
Sony ZX770 Headphones feature built-in Bluetooth to allow for wireless music streaming from compatible devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. This helps you to move around more freely – adjust your bag, use your hands and simply stay comfortable since you aren't restricted by cabling.

Support for AAC and SBC codecs means you can stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth without compromising signal quality.
With their 40 mm dynamic neodymium drivers, the Sony ZX770 Headphones deliver every bass lick and guitar solo in utter clarity. Your ZX770 Headphones feature earcup controls that allow you to adjust volume levels, play, pause and skip tracks, and take or end phone calls. An adjustable headband and soft earpads keep things durable and comfortable for long listening sessions – and the internal rechargeable battery lets you listen to music for up to 13 hours with noise cancelling and Bluetooth on.
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You can also establish a one-touch wireless paring with NFC if you've got an NFC-enabled smart device. Vocals and mid-to-high range notes are accurately reproduced, while large vents make for deeper, punchier bass to energise your favourite tunes. Their high sensitivity lets you play music loud and clear from any home system or portable device.
The built-in microphone allows you to enjoy hands-free chat via your smartphone, so you can catch up with friends or sort out your affairs without stopping what you're doing.

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