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While some people may opt for a pair of noise cancelling headphones or ear muffs, using a pair of ear plugs can be the most comfortable way to eliminate noise so that you can get some shut eye. In fact, if you are a side sleeper, then you will definitely want to choose noise cancelling ear plugs over headphones or ear muffs for comfort while sleeping. If you don’t want to read the whole buyer guide we suggest you go for Hearos ear plugs. The nice thing about using the ear plugs on a plane instead of noise cancelling headphones is that you can use the ear plugs during take-off and landing. If you have a spouse or kids that snore loudly, then you might not be able to get much sleep in their presence. As you start looking for a good pair of noise eliminating ear plugs, you will notice that they have a noise reduction rating on the packages. So, you want to go with as high of a NRR rating as you can find for maximum noise reduction from the ear plugs. If you are on a budget and do not want to spend much on your noise reduction ear plugs, but still want something that actually works, then this model listed below is the best choice for a low cost ear plug with great noise reduction capability.
Bottom line: You can get some of the strongest NRR rated ear plugs for the lowest price when you choose these Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Foam Earplugs. On a scale of 1 to 4 for softness, these are probably around a 1 rating, which means super soft.
On average, expect to get between 12 to 15 wears out of a pair of these ear plugs before needing to replace with a new pair. Side sleepers will really like these Hearos noise cancelling ear plugs as they do not stick out and cause ear pain when sleeping on your side. If you want maximum noise reduction from your ear plugs, then you need to go with a pair that has the highest available NRR rating. Bottom line: There are several brands that offer NRR 33 rated ear plugs, but these Howard Leight MAX-1 foam ear plugs are the most comfortable of all the available options. Detailed review: You will be amazed at how little noise gets through when you wear these Howard Leight MAX-1 foam ear plugs.
While these are the most comfortable of all the NRR 33 rated ear plugs, they are not as comfortable as the softer Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Foam Earplugs.

If you’re like 25% of Americans, you live with (and maybe share a bed with) someone who snores. Got Ears?® ANC Active Noise Canceling Headphones are great for canceling out unwanted cabin noise, conversation, fussy babies, and other irritating sounds while flying. Innovative inert protein (think, sea sponges) ear cushions create an extraordinarily comfortable acoustic seal, that blocks out much of the ambient background noise, even before you turn on the electronics. Solitude XCS Headphones feature an industry-first, multi-selector switch, that allows you to bypass the ANC circuitry, and then boost your audio input through direct signal amplification technology for a full rich sound.
Solitude XCS headphones come complete with a standard 3.5mm audio input cable that is fully compatible with most smart phones, computers, gaming devices, and tablet systems, letting you choose virtually any music source you may have available. Advanced Noise Reduction Technology that works across the sound spectrum making it an excellent choice for plane travel, work, and home.
True high-fidelity listening experience, plus onboard amplifier lets you listen at any volume you like. Ear pads contain inert protein with a high porosity index making Solitude XCS extraordinarily comfortable even for extended hours of wear.
Flow through sound design means if the batteries should go dead, you will continue to hear your music with high fidelity through the quality speakers in the Solitude XCS headset, just without ANC or amplifcation.
Plus, they are more comfortable to wear while trying to get a little sleep in that uncomfortable airplane seat. Since you want to be able to hear your alarm go off and any other important sounds, you need something that blocks out the snoring while letting you be able to hear any important sounds. The most effective ear plugs have an NRR rating of 33, which means that they reduce the ambient noise level by 33 decibels. You also should not experience sore ears when you wake up in the morning, which can happen with some noise cancelling ear plugs. That rating is a 33 and the brand below offers that rating and the most comfort compared to other brands with the same rating.
Plus, you can normally find them discounted more than 50% on Amazon, which makes them super cheap.
You can even tell a difference between these and the Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Foam Earplugs listed up above.

That being said, you might experience a little discomfort when you sleep in these for a prolonged period.
The cool thing about them is that they are perfect for people who have a latex allergy, since many ear plugs are made of latex and these are not. This reduces noise fatigue, allowing you to enjoy a less stressful flight and to feel more refreshed when you reach your destination.
Please browse our other great noise canceling headphones.Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones provide true high fidelity stereo listening with active noise canceling technology (ANC), but this headphone does not stop there.
When you do hit the on button, the Solitude XCS Headphones' patent pending circuitry instantly provides a high level of continuous noise reduction across the entire acoustic spectrum. So you can choose to use your Solitude XCS Headphones with or without ANC, and with or without audio boost, for the greatest flexibility in listening available in any active noise canceling headset available, and at an unbelievable price! Once in that shape, lift up at the top of your ear to open up your ear canal and insert into each ear. These headphones cancel outside noises so you can listen to your music or the in-flight movie in peace. Solitude XCS is the first ANC headphone to allow you the flexibility to selectively enhance your music by simply flipping a switch to bypass the active noise canceling feature, and instead, actively amplify the audio input. Incoming calls will ring through and you can receive or make calls with the touch of a button, via your compatible smart phone or tablet computer. Ordinary ANC headphones, even the really expensive models, let you use the active noise canceling feature or bypass it, which reduces the headphones to passive speakers. Instead of switching to a passive mode, Solitude XCS amplifies the sound you are feeding it, giving you the greatest level of control over your sound experience ever.

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