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There’s something missing from the idealized red-suited picture of Santa Claus: an ice pack. From the assembly line to the sleigh, you can bet Santa’s team has a whole lot of heavy lifting to do this season. All that buzzing and hammering of tools may sound like the hum of productivity, but it adds up fast. Look, it’s great that the elves, reindeer and even Santa on his big night are so dedicated to the Christmas spirit, but those long hours can take a heavy toll on the body, leading to back, neck, shoulder and joint injuries galore. Sure, every elf has their specialty, but it’s terrible for the body to repeat the same motion all day, whether that’s hammering, shoe cobbling or peppermint stick syrup stewing. Workstations that are too tall will force elves onto their tippy toes, while those that are too short will cause hunching. Once you’ve found that perfect height, it’s important that all elves keep their tools within easy reach. One of the most important things everyone can do across the workforce is stretch, stretch, streeeeeetch. At Goldtouch, we believe the products you use in the workspace should adjust to fit to you — not the other way around. Santa’s workforce shouldn’t just be in the business of giving presents — they should get a few, too, when they do something right! By far the best way to implement ergonomics in Santa’s workshop is to start with Santa himself.
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Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.
Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it! Sure, Santa’s workshop is supposed to be a safe place where elves toil happily round the clock, but let’s face the truth. So, jolly old man, if you’re out there somewhere reading the Goldtouch ergonomics blog on your day off, here you go: 10 easy ways to get all of your toy making and distributing activities into top ergonomic form. Elves in particular will need a good back brace for all of that lifting they do around the workshop, as will Santa as he lugs that sack of presents from sleigh to living room. Protect sensitive elf eardrums with earplugs or with a pair of noise canceling headphones, so they can whistle while they work to holiday jingles. To combat this, implement a strict break policy, encouraging the workforce to stop every 45 minutes or so for some stretching, walking, or even some cookie eating. For a much healthier and more interesting day, have elves switch activities after every break to get those muscles moving and stretching in different ways. This will help minimize the amount of unnatural straining and bending they have to do, which can lead to tears and sprains. This is key for all elves performing repetitive motions, as it will force the muscles to work in new ways.
While Santa’s workers may only have occasional use for an ergonomic keyboard when, say, sending off orders for more parts, their many hammers and chisels and so forth should still be custom designed for every worker. Every couple of weeks, check in to see how everyone is doing with their new ergonomic habits and dole out rewards for workers who are doing it right. After all, Santa is the CEO of the North Pole, and no workforce buys in without executive support.
Everyone knows Santa is one of the world’s best employers, and ergonomic comfort will take things up to the next level. We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa! Flying can be hard work on the reindeers’ lower bodies, so a good knee brace can make a great investment as well. But it’s even more crucial in keeping Santa’s blood moving as he sits for many hours in the sleigh.

Just make sure the recycling bins are wide enough to fit all of that wrapping paper so you don’t have any elf stretching and straining to stuff their paper in. The elves and reindeer look up to him (in the case of elves, quite literally), so it’s time to set a great example. When it becomes more noticeable and is more frequent or constantly there, that means you've damaged the nerves in your ear," says Robert L. From whirring conveyer belts to hours spent sitting in a sleigh, Santa’s got to be paying out the teeth for workers’ comp claims.
The elf should be able to stand with their back straight, and their arms should remain mostly in a neutral position.
And of course, Santa should definitely do a few lunges and bends before he contorts his way down narrow chimneys.
Pincus, MD, associate professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at New York Medical College, and a physician in private practice in the New York Otolaryngology Group.
Ear bud headphones are popular but dangerous because they sit close to the eardrum, he says. Your inner ear canals send signals to your brain to help you balance, so damage to them may make you a bit off kilter.
Place any assembly instructions on an adjustable laptop stand to help prevent eye strain as well. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that among 2,000 people over the age of 70, those with hearing loss had a faster decline in thinking skills over a six-year period than those with better hearing. Hearing loss often leads to social isolation, which is a risk factor for cognitive decline. Another factor: When hearing is impaired, the brain may devote extra energy to processing sound at the expense of memory and thinking.

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