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Nerve deafness is a medical condition that causes a complete temporary or permanent hearing loss usually in one ear due to auditory nerve damage. Nerve deafness can strike suddenly within minutes or overnight, or it can develop and progress overtime, at first being accompanied by high frequency hearing loss or inability to hear higher musical notes, a voice of a woman or a small child.
Nerve deafness is a part of sensorineural hearing loss meaning the cause for it is the damage to the auditory nerve or a cochlea, a tiny snail like structure in the inner ear. Recovery with sudden hearing loss does happen but only to a very small group of people and only in the first 3-4 weeks following the onset of nerve deafness. If you experienced unfortunate nerve deafness in one ear, it’s vital for you to employ measures that will allow you to conserve hearing in a healthy ear by avoiding noisy environments, wearing hearing protection gear if exposed to high levels of noise, staying away from medications that might adversely affect your hearing unless absolutely necessary.
DisclaimerThe information provided herein is intended for a general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or a treatment for specific medical conditions. Many treatments are proposed for the ringing sound heard, but none that are conclusive and particular since it is not a disease.
Brand new hearing aids with full services and support after sale Get the Hearing Loss Help You Need Here! Nerve deafness etiology or causes leading up to this specific type of hearing loss are very hard to investigate. A lot of patients seeking tinnitus treatment, simply ringing in one ear, or cases of industrial deafness might develop nerve deafness later on.

The hearing aids are not prescribed for nerve deafness because the sounds entering the ear can not be properly recognized by the brain due to the cochlear nerve damage. The causes for temporary hearing loss are usually obstructions in the ear canal caused by ear wax build up or inner ear fluid retention due to a bad case of cold or flu. This type of ailments is experienced by most individuals and is described by a reverberation of different sorts such as humming, ringing, buzzing, beeping, hissing, ticking or a sound of a constant tone. Most manifestations of tinnitus can be a secondary cause, and treatment of the underlying disease makes the ringing go away.
If you suffer from hearing loss or deafness and don’t know where to find the help and information you need to successfully live as a hearing-impaired person, then welcome to the Center for Hearing Loss Help. Most suspected causes have to do with preceding viral or bacterial infections, major head injuries, brain tumors or tumors surrounding the auditory nerve.
Always consult with your doctor or other professional healthcare provider for a medical advice. This is widely recognized medical symptom that is experienced by most people whether for a short period of time, intermittently or continuously.
One of the supplementations that are notable to date is the Vinpocetine for tinnitus management.
It is one of the Internet’s best sources of information on hearing impairment issues and sudden hearing loss.

Tinnitus aurium can be caused by a lot of factors including constant subjection of ears to loud noise, hereditary hearing problem, ear infection, or as a side effect of a certain medication. It is a safe and cheap measure that you can ask your doctor about before taking any of the dietary supplementation. At the Center for Hearing Loss Help, you will find a wealth of information on the causes of hearing loss and deafness.
The Vinpocetine tinnitus treatment increases blood flow to the brain and ears, avoiding any unnecessary disruptions in the flow. Specifically, this Vinpocetine  tinnitus shows significant improvement for this afflicted with the ringing of the ears secondary to a trauma or injury. You will also discover ways to alleviate common ear problems such as Meniere’s disease, tinnitus (ringing in ears), inner ear imbalance, dizziness and hyperacusis. This Vinpocetine supplementation for tinnitus boosts the brain function and can help diminish the occurrences of tinnitus aurium, especially one that is caused by trauma or injury to the ear. In addition, you will find help in choosing hearing aids and other assistive devices for hearing impaired people.

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