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The clinic provides facilities for various screening and diagnostic procedures to evaluate the hearing of all age groups from infants to elderly. Special audiometric tests such as tone decay and SISI are carried out to differentiate between cochlear and retrocochlear pathologies.
Hearing Aidsa€“ Our clinic deals with different types, styles and power of hearing aids which help each patient to choose the best listening device for them. These aids consist of a case that rests on the pinna (ear) with the tubing connected to the ear moulds.
A retrospective study at the ear, nose, and throat department of the EuromedClinic showed considerable improvements immediately after the end of the treatments for acute and for chronic tinnitus. The subject of this retrospective study is the results of the treatment of acute and chronic tinnitus with conventional infusion therapy or hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy (or both). One hundred patients with tinnitus (71 male, 29 female) were evaluated in this study, 65 suffering from acute tinnitus and 35 suffering from chronic tinnitus. After analysis of the data, the grade of success was divided into four categories: no tinnitus, reduced, unchanged, and increased. The age distribution in this random sample of patients suffering from tinnitus shows a peak in the group from 41 to 50 years. Only 55 patients could be checked for long-termresults: 42 of the acute tinnitus group and 13 of the chronic tinnitus group (Table 3). An important consideration is that the therapeutic effect of the HBO therapy is proved through clinical and experimental studies [5-7]. The treatment of chronic tinnitus is, in general, less sufficient than treatment of acute tinnitus.
Shulman [4] also described the use of neuroprotective substances for the improvement of inner ear function, even in patients suffering from tinnitus. In our ear, nose, and throat department (one of three study centers in Germany) a caroverin double-blind test has just started. Tinnitus is a syndrome in which the affected person perceives noises, usually a whistling or ringing sound in their ear.
There are a wide range of triggers for tinnitus, including various diseases of the inner ear or the auditory pathway. There is evidence to suggest that certain plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins and minerals can help to treat tinnitus. The amino acid L-arginine and extracts from the Ginkgo biloba plant are considered very beneficial for resorting audibility. Middle ear impedance testing includes tympanometry, stapedial reflexometry, reflex decay test and Eustachian tube function in normal and perforated eardrums. Impressions for ear molds which are an essential accessory to hearing aids are custom made.

Anita Bhandaria€™s Vertigo and Ear Clinic excels in providing positive impact on the life of the patients with their treatment. It is useful in patients with severe hearing loss in one ear or in patients with discharging ears or malformation of the outer ear.
Eighty percent of our patients suffering from acute tinnitus showed an improvement with intravenous medication without hyperbaric oxygen treatment, and 65.7% showed improvement with infusion therapy and hyperbaric oxygen. It includes in the head and the ear all types of noise sensations that are not generated by sound waves coming from outside [1]. Simultaneously, HBO treatment was offered daily (5- 15 times) to 55 patients without inflammatory or cardiac contraindications to this therapy (up to 2.5 AT A up to 3 periods of 30 min breathing of pure oxygen with 2 pauses of 10 min air-breathing). The annoyance of the tinnitus is rated on a subjective scale from 0 (no tinnitus) to 10 (unbearable) by the patients. The data before starting therapy were compared with the data recorded immediately after treatment and again at least 3 months later (long-term-results). The positive treatment effect (improved or stable condition) decreased from 80% (24 cases) to 67% in patients with acute tinnitus (12 patients) and therapy with infusions only and from 65.7% (23 patients) to 46% (11 cases) in patients with combined therapy (infusion and HBO). The effect of the HBO therapy on tinnitus was investigated in studies with a total of 1,223 patients.
This test is being undertaken to prove the possible positive effect of the glutamate antagonist caroverin (cochlea-synaptic effect) [9]. It can arise in the middle ear, outer ear, inner ear, and sometime from abnormalities in the brain.
The prevalence of the condition is much higher in older people, affecting men and women equally. Often it goes away of its own accord, although some people may have to put up with tinnitus indefinitely.
In particular, vitamin C, E and B complex, calcium, zinc and magnesium have been found to be helpful. Both these compounds improve blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient availability within the ear.
All tests are carried out in a soundproof double room set up according to international guidelines.
However, at 3 months and then later (long-term results), the figures decreased to 67% and 46%, respectively. Loudness and character of the tinnitus in comparison to sinusoidal tones, narrow-band noise, and broad-band noise also were monitored every second day.
In this case, according to a study of Almeling, [8] positive results were achieved also with patients who had experienced their tinnitus for even longer than 6 months.
For tinnitus that exists for more than half a year, Biesinger [2] recommended a drug therapy that can interfere with the transmission of the auditory signal in the inner ear and brain.

Der Einfluss der hyperbaren Sauerstofftherapie auf den Tinnitus und den Horverlust bei akuten und chronischen Innenohrschaden.
In the case of objective tinnitus, it’s possible for a clinician to perceive and measure the noise. There have been a range of pharmaceutical drugs developed to help reduce the severity of the condition, although these medications are unable to cure tinnitus and often have undesirable side effects. Also, antioxidants in the form of isoflavones can assist with the regeneration of nerve cells and may help to decrease the symptoms of tinnitus. In the chronic tinnitus group, the therapeutic effect dropped from 66.7% to 34% (with only intravenous medication) and from 60% to 28% (with combined therapy). Side preference of tinnitus was not observed (28 right ear, 30 left ear, and 42 both ears).
He preferred lidocaine (as a drug for stability of the nerve cell membrane and for blocking the transmission of stimuli), a calcium antagonist, glutamate, or glutamate antagonists [2].
Conversely, subjective tinnitus isn’t measurable and noise can only be heard by the patient.
Anyone suffering from tinnitus is encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and consider a quality supplement. Therefore, what appears to be essential is not only to examine people who suffer from tinnitus but to offer them treatment. In 23 patients, tinnitus was accompanied by a sudden hearing loss, in 12 by sensorineural hearing loss, in 9 by ventilation disturbance of the eustachian tube because of a chronic sinusitis, and in 1 by a vestibular neuritis. The results of our indoor patients with acute tinnitus were at first excellent (80% success rate). In eight patients, the tinnitus was caused by an acute otitis media, in three by an acoustic trauma, in two by a chronic otitis media, and in one by a labyrinthine contusion (Table 1).
The positive effect was shown for 77% of patients immediately after the application and for 68% of patients even 6 months after the application [10].
In situations where the symptoms last for over three months, tinnitus is classified as chronic and is usually representative of a more serious health issue. In one patient with a unilateral tinnitus, a diagnosis of acoustic neuroma could be made, and this patient was excluded from this study.
The positive atmosphere from a private clinic might be the reason for the good early results in comparison with the later results (obtained from patient questionnaire).
No significant difference was observed between the positive effect of intravenous medication only and combined treatment (intravenous medication and HBO).

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