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Enter into a ravenous void that is hungry for none other than one’s good moral standing, soul and positivity, and chips and chisels at every fiber of those things within you. Overflowing into each other are songs that have no remorse or sign of easing up on their beatings.
Truthfully, I can’t say much else about this album, or anything about these songs individually, because no word count can account for what COO is packing in this over 70 minutes of content. If I used that on the guitar side, I'd cover up the humbucker output on my LGXT, which I do use on occasion. Well I can't speak to that as I don't know the Mogami stuff but I can tell you that I have one here in my hands and it is very, very nice in that regard. This may sound unorthodox but we are actually making 4 string and 6 string basses (as well as an EUB)The spine rod of our instrument does not play well with a traditional 5 string spacing. Gittler Instruments LLC has designed and built a new superior Din 13 cable in order to respond to the lack of a high quality version on today's retail market.
Odd,I just tried it myself and it worked just fine.Maybe give it another shot and if it fails then just PM or E-mail me and I'll send you a Paypal request.Anyone else? I’ve been testing the gaiters for the past couple of months on the local hills in the area, in wind, snow, and rain conditions, and was interested to compare them to my 6-year-old, but still high-quality and serviceable (and still being sold at local hiking stores) gaiters from another company.
The gaiters do fit very comfortably, to the point where you can forget you’re wearing them for hours.
In the raging, clamoring and absolutely deafening album from France’s Cult Of Occult, will you find that darkness that you have been powerless in summoning and banishing. Echoing, vibrating, feedbacking rests with medically psychotic instrumental colossuses, combined with relentless hammering of vocal overlaying terror, makes the perfect evil mood for a band that has a name like Cult Of Occult. Crushing and breaching waves of doom into a dismal abyss makes me damn near ready to fall down. I have made some final design changes and you can all thank yourselves for your input because you can now have what you want (or at least most of it).Please take a look at the attached print and see the pics below.
We produce a guitar that is a superior MIDI tracker and our customers have demanded a better quality cable to take full advantage of this.
Option, but could not find a way to put it in a cart and buy it.Also had problems ordering.
I expected that there would be a lot of interest considering the demand I have seen for this over the years. This is a little fiddly to mesh together in cold weather, but it ensures a secure and exact attachment without having to precisely line up a long expanse of velcro.

The elastic part of strap wasn’t really stretchy enough to provide me with a secure feeling, but on the other hand, the gaiter is in no danger of sliding down my leg. I would often find that while the material itself got damp, this moisture never transferred to my trousers, and the gaiter dries very quickly when I hang it up after the hike.
Frighteningly, you will not be able to quell this blackness’ thirst; it will consume you from head to toe, and pick you up to slam you down. I had our factory cut some of the cable so you can have a peek inside.let me know if there are any last comments based on this info but, if not, we will have this cable in 12 ft.
I agree that the locking feature is flawed and a significant weak point in the Roland design, so I actually prefer non-locking. I think we have 5 orders so far, all told  PM and e-mail sent as I still can't get the site to calculate shipping to No(r)way.
I think we have 5 orders so far, all told  Don't be discouraged sashua, it's early in the game and a lot of VGer's probably haven't seen this yet.
The Hillsound Super Armadillo Nano Gaiters are top-of-the-line, pairing a stretchy waterproof fabric, called Schoeller C_Change®, with a lower armor called SuperFabric®.
The fact that there’s very little velcro on the gaiters makes it very quiet to re-adjust or remove and decreases the risk of snagging on anything while being stored in your equipment bag. The lace hooks are large, meaty affairs that hook onto your shoelace from underneath, which decreases the chance of the hook popping off during your adventures. Although the gaiter sizes are listed according to your shoe size, it would have been fairer to list them according to calf width. Very appropriately titled Five Degrees Of Insanity, nothing could prepare your mental state for the retching and swallowing of the tracks swishing and swaying through different veins of bloody, leaking black, death, noise, and sludge. The creepy atmosphere would be perfect for…I dunno, blowing the rock speakers on your front lawn out as you make small children cry and their parents extremely intimidated and unnerved whilst trick-or-treating at your door on a certain impending holiday. It looks perfect for my Carvin, but you will also want to check it on a mounted GK-3 to see if it has enough clearance. If the angle is not 180 degrees right I just rotate my GK-Kit installations 180 degrees (4 screws and a twist of the socket in the guitar). Below you can see a list of the cable's specifications as well as a compatibility list provided by Steve (thanks Steve!) who has now given the cable a rousing endorsement after passing his quality tests standards.Our cables are available in 12 ft.
The stretchy fabric wraps comfortably and snugly around your calf, without restricting movement. I tried to fit a medium sized gaiter on 4 or 5 male friends with shoe sizes varying between 9 and 10, and had only limited success in attaching the zip at the top, in order to zip it down to the base.

Molded 13 pin Cables are not user repairable - zero interest here.Quote Let me know if these are preferable.
I use a velcro loop strap to attach the cable to my strap - a sort of break-away cable securingce. Don't need locking since the cable will be tightly secured under my guitar strap (don't wanna stomp at it).
Meanwhile, the SuperFabric protects everything from the ankle down, from sharp branches, thorns, and the occasional crampon puncture.
This is a good solid cable from all I can tell.The gold plating added a little cost so final pricing for the cables will go up by a few bucks.
It has been my experience that rolling and unrolling the cable for storage takes as much, or more toll, on the cable than stage use. I use a velcro loop strap to attach the cable to my strap - a sort of break-away cable securing device. These fields can surround transformers, power lines and other devices that use or transport large amounts of electrical current. In terms of cost, braid shielding is the most expensive, involving copper strands woven into a braided pattern around the center conductor’s inner jacket.The braided approach works best with microphone cables because of their low inductance. Magnetic energy is stored as long as current keeps flowing).Spiral shielding is more flexible than braiding, and is commonly used in guitar cables.
A drawback to spiral wrap is that, like a slinky in motion, one side compresses while the other separates. It’s through these separated strands that RFI can enter.To compensate for the rejection loss of RFI, sometimes a secondary shield is added, using carbon as a semi-conductor.
This is generally effective over very short distances.The carbon is not a solid sheet, rather, microscopic bits of carbon mixed into another, more flexible material (usually a plastic composite).
The bits of carbon conduct current from bit to bit.Foil wrap shielding is the least expensive shielding method, and some provide full 100 percent coverage.
It can be very effective against RFI.A drain wire runs next to the foil, providing a way to terminate the foil at the connectors, and is a technique is most often used in the construction of snakes.

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