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LTA coach Dan Thorp: Although she is now retired, Justine Henin is capable of beating any other player on the tour on any surface.
Henin's variety on the backhand wing is unrivalled - in fact John McEnroe described it as the most technically complete single-handed backhand in the men's or the women's games.
While most of her opponents tend to just use a two-handed backhand drive, Henin can use top-spin, attack with slice, defend with slice, drop shot and approach.
She is able to use this variety to neutralise her opponent's attacks and to impose her game on them.
Counter-punchers like to soak up pressure from their opponents before seizing the right opportunity to strike. It works well as a strategy: players will often make mistakes when they are continually forced to take the initiative in the rally.
When Murray is involved in a baseline exchange, he will often appear to be quite passive to begin with.
Then once his opponent becomes used to a slow rally, a sudden injection of pace is often enough to win him the point.
The slice cross-court is a tough shot to deal with as it often lands quite short dragging his opponent into the court and wide.
The low bounce and lack of pace forces his opponent to increase the speed of the ball without giving him enough opportunity to hit a winner.
Murray hits his backhand down the line harder and flatter than just about any player on the tour. And when his opponent is expecting to be pulled short and wide with no pace it is pretty much unreturnable.
He can hit with great pace both cross-court and down the line, so understandably players will look to hit to his backhand early in the rally.
The low skidding ball is tough to deal with on the forehand and his opponents are forced to try and attack cross-court.

Now he's in a great attacking position; the ball is on his big forehand, he can hit up the line, back across court or hit a drop shot. And his opponent is in a vulnerable position as they are up the court and chasing back from their previous shot. So again after soaking up pressure and forcing his opponent to commit to an attack he is then able to suddenly go on the offensive. Today was the first “big” day at the inaugural ITF $10K women’s tennis tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.
First up at am were Mallory Burdette (left) against 6th seed Anastasia Kharchenko, ranked 710 in the world. Kharchenko got on the board by holding and made it 2-0, but that was to be the last game she would get this set.
The second set would see Burdette forget to move her feet, step into the ball and as forehands flew she went down 3-0 and two breaks. Kharchenko would hold at 30 and had a break point to go up 5-2 and server for the second set, but three winners from the forehand of Burdette held for 4-3 and after losing a break point at 30-40, broke on her 2nd point to pull even at 4-4. At the same time of this match was an NCAA Division I match between NCAA champion (and finalist this year) Zuzanna Zemanova (right) of Baylor and Christy Striplin. Striplin is no slouch on the court and in my humble opinion has a world class backhand when it is timed right. Allentown surprise finalist Amanda Fink of the University of Southern California, using a special exempt wildcard here, played Tamera Day from South Africa.
The third set went pretty much the same way as the second, Miller went up 3-0 and then 4-1.
Next up was #1 seed and Florida Gator Julia Cohen against a Carling Bassett look alike (Carling III?) Yuliana Motyl who I had seen play in January at St.
The last singles match of the day had #2 seed Jamie Hampton taking on Yolande Leacock of Trinadad.

Hampton won the first 2 games only to have Leacock to call the trainer and after four more points retired due to cramping as far as I could tell. Tomorrow is an off day for me but I will be back for the quarterfinals and if everything works the way I want it, the finals. Today was the second day of qualifying for the inaugural $10k lTF Women’s Professional tournament in Atlanta, Georgia. I felt bad for the women playing because it is summer in Georgia which means scattered showers followed by oppressive heat and humidity followed by more of the same. Today was college tennis day and the local stars of Georgia Tech did not disappoint the fans or coaches. Striplin’s former teammate Kristy Miller, in what I gather is her first tournament as a professional after graduating with a 4.0, played just as high a quality match but lost one more game in a 6-0,6-2 decision against Barbora Hodinarova. The Georgia born Burdettes -- Lindsay and Mallory -- who were excited to get a wild card into the doubles, both won their second round matches.
Other than Mallory Burdette, the only other American Junior to make it to the final round of qualifying was Ariel Ellis, who I must say has a lovely slingshot for a one handed backhand. Lindsay against Grace Leake and Mallory against Desiree Tran, a 14 year old who chased down lots of shots and in many rallies traded big babe backhands with Mallory, but in the end lost 6-0,6-2. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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