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This new line of devices offers sleek and comfortable technology choices that conform to your ears’ shape to deliver sound as naturally as possible.
Call our practice today to make an appointment to learn which invisible option best suits your lifestyle.
Todaya€™s Baby Boomer is constantly on the movea€”active in sports, community activities, and both traditional and entrepreneurial careers at a level that rivals younger generations. Fit by Certified Professionals: To ensure our patientsa€™ comfort and satisfaction, the hearing professionals at ENT Faculty Practice, LLP are fully trained and certified by WOW!

Prices shown are typically 30-50% lower than list prices by Hidden Hearing, Boots, Regional Hearing and other High Street retailers.
Rechargeable in-the-ear and behind-the-ear digital hearing aids available from Hansaton - Please call for information on freephone 0800 180 4075. The Intiga-I hearing aid has a nanocoated wax protection system and a T- cap microphone protection system that will enable the device to withstand the moist environment of the deep ear canal. We’re proud to tell you that we now have more AGX invisible options to choose from than ever before, so, regardless of your lifestyle and budget, we feel confident we can find an invisible option that will work for you. Feedback cancellation, voice recognition, and a strong battery life are just a few of the features these devices offer in helping you experience better hearing conveniently, effectively, and discreetly.

When you find the best invisible option for you, we’ll give you $500 off on any AGX5, 7, or 9 two-device invisible hearing system—call us today! Invisible Hearing allows a patient to experience the difference in their hearing with no long-term commitmenta€¦ and each WOW! They cana€™t afford to miss out on hearing everything around them, but they refuse to be a€?slowed downa€? due to hearing devices that dona€™t work well, arena€™t easy to usea€¦ and simply dona€™t look good.

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