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After months of rumors, it is now confirmed that Thom is contributing a track to the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. After three books of stalking chaste courtship, Bella finally marries her vampire sweetheart, Edward, at the tender age of eighteen. Thom Yorke has taken a progressive stance on every political issue I’ve ever heard him speak out on, which leads me to believe that he must have thought Twilight was simply a bit of harmless fluff, and was not aware of its insidious neocon message. Since when has criticizing a particular religious viewpoint been tantamount to promoting hate?
The quality of writing has no bearing on whether or not it might be considered propagandistic. Clueless and Harry Potter, that’s all harmless hocus pocus and whatever, but this twilight business is twisted and distorted nonsense.
Didn’t two of the members of Radiohead not only record a song, but actually appear in a Harry Potter film? I downloaded the soundtrack when it leaked sunday night, and I was shocked at how good it was (due to the quality of the musicians involved), and if you try not to think that it was for New Moon it is actually a really good collection of songs. As for marriage being a woman’s highest aspiration, I agree that the author would say yes (that is her message), given the right partner.
So disappointed and angry when I went to iTunes and realized you can’t buy Hearing Damage without purchasing the entire New Moon album.
I bet Stephenie Meyer just loves all this talk about her books…although I have to say that I can bet most of the 13 year-olds reading them have absolutely no clue about a mormon agenda.

If Stephanie Myers were Jewish and you said anything like that, you’d be branded as an anti-semite and everyone would hate you. The view on abortion is particularly extreme, as most pro-lifers allow for certain exceptions like rape, incest, and life of the mother. The views of the Christian right aren’t exclusive to a single denomination, and not all evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons subscribe to the views of the Christian right. Thinking that circumcision is wrong, or disagreeing with Zionism, is not the same thing as anti-Semitism.
Also, the books don’t have a subliminal Christian right message, but a trojan horse Christian right message. And should leave people wondering just how the fuck is Thom allowing himself to be connected with this!?!
Maybe Thom read the books and liked what he read, or perhaps he himself, is past all the political and religious b.s. Linklater wanted to involve the kids and teenagers in the cause that the movie is engaged, so he did it by getting Avril to participate in the movie. Does anyone know if Hearing Damage was written specially for the soundtrack, or was it just a song Thom would allow in the soundtrack? They consummate their marriage there, and, two weeks later (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!), teenage Bella discovers she’s preggers. I only pointed out that Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon to clarify the denomination of Christianity to which she belongs.

The teen romance of the first three books is used as a device to quietly wheel in the political agenda of the fourth. The fetus, being a vampire-human hybrid, develops at an accelerated rate, and its kicks are strong enough to break Bella’s ribs.
Edward, fearing for Bella’s life, begs her to terminate the pregnancy, but she refuses. Edward then discovers he shares a psychic connection with the fetus, which he learns is conscious, and already wuvs its mommy and weally, weally, weally isn’t twying to kill her.
Then, a mere month after the honeymoon, Bella goes into labour, and starts hemorrhaging blood. She’s not a very good writer, and thus is more than likely incapable of encrypting a subliminal message into her stories. Edward is forced to perform an impromptu c-section on her (using his fangs, no less), and then, as she’s moments from death, he bites her, thereby making her immortal and lowering in the deus ex machina.
Back up, fool, and please refrain from putting your foot in your mouth anymore in the future.

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