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Description: 20 HP Hydraulic Power Unit 2ea Vickers Pumps 50 to 3000 PSI 125gal Tank This was a testing machine manufactured by Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co. Selling as is, If you would like to buy any individual part, please do not hesitate to contact us at the number below. The information we were able to get off of the individual parts is as follows: Vickers 41164 Vickers Directional ValvePilot Valve Model No.
If you feel like we could have done better please contact us and let us know your feelings, we can’t fix it if we don’t know know what the problem was.
We do the best we can to get it right but with the vast diversion of items we offer things can be overlooked.
Please contact us before paying for your item so we can get you the best rate available at the time and send you an invoice reflecting the savings.
We get very good shipping rates and are normally much cheaper than eBay’s freight calculator. If you do not ensure we are supplied with this information your shipment may be delayed as we will verify the information provided to us.

Any details left out that increase the shipping charge will be billed to you directly from the freight carrier as they will have been instructed to collect any further charges.
NOTICE: Regardless of the carrier used the receiver is responsible for completely inspecting the freight immediately upon receipt and noting specific damage on the BOL before signing. If no damage is noted on the BOL at the time of delivery the receiver affirms that the item has been fully inspected and is undamaged and is as described in the listing. If a damage claim is filed after the delivery with no damage noted on the original receipt the liability will be reduced to 25% of the cargo value. This is a summary of Section 48 of the ‘UPS Rate and Service Guide’ dated 2012 and is an industry standard policy adopted by The Tool General.

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